Monitor Capabilities


Our own member and editor Shdooby put together a data sheet on the Monitors. Very interesting to see all at once.




~Installation Monitors have demonstrated the ability to levitate and travel through space at a constant speed.  For long distance travel outside of their installations, Monitors are equipped with impulse drives.

~Monitors can travel for hundreds of years in open space, if not more, but are limited to staying near their Installations.

~Monitors have a fascinating resistance to small arms fire, but will eventually succumb if they eventually take too much damage.  When this occurs, Monitors have the ability of self repair.

~Monitors have also demonstrated the ability to change their optical color.

~Monitors have been seen in many different shaped and sizes, and encountered on many types of locations.

The known Installation Monitor optical colors are portrayed below.

Monitor    000   001    007   049  343   2401  16807   117649

Eye ColorUnknown Green  Yellow Orange   BlueRed (Green)  Purple   Yellow



*The Presumed remaining colors of the monitors are in Italics, based off a theory I’ve gathered from information encountered in Halo:CEA Terminals.  They have yet to be proven.




~Monitors have currently displayed and used the following functions…

Use of a Directed Energy BeamSimilar to a sentinel beam, can eliminate various organics in one burst alone

Manipulate ObjectsAllows the Monitor to lift and move objects with a projected blue beam

Hack and Access Misc TechnologyAble to access almost any technological structure and bypass its security

Ability to Emit a Heated ForcefieldThe Monitor can push away all objects and beings with a orange field

~Monitors have been seen using translocation grids to travel across the installation to various key points.

~343 Guilty Spark has demonstrated the ability to transfer his own personal construct array into any starship and take control of the ship, like a unlocked A.I. or Ancilla.

~All Installation Monitors are capable of controlling the Installation Sentinels and Gatherers as they please.




*~ A Monitor is created from a geas, allowing them to retain their memories from their former human or forerunner lives.

~All Monitors have been compartmentalized in order to maintain control of the facility without distractions.  Thus losing all prior memories before their arrival to their Installations.

~Due to compartmentalization, Monitors were also tasked with individual tasks to perform on each of their installations.

~Monitors can show emotional reaction when defending their Installations.

~The names of Monitors seem to all be related to a emotion of sorrow.

~Note that the numbers of each Monitor is one less than their installation number, raised as a power of 7 (7^n-1).

~After he was reconstructed by the UNSC Rubicon, 343 Guilty Spark has displayed the ability of accessing his memories prior to his arrival on his Installation.

(All “*” notes are occurrences that cannot be confirmed, but assumed based on lore.)

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