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The ForerunnersAn ancient race of otherworldly beings, the Forerunners were an advanced technological society that may have once spanned the entire known galaxy. Though seemingly wiped out long ago by the Flood, signs of the true expanse of this ancient empire is spread throughout the Milky Way. This is most evident in the massive Halo Rings, a triumph of design even by Forerunner standards. Not much remains of these mysterious beings, only the indelible footprints left across known space.

The Flood

Quite possibly the most dangerous threat any sentient life-form can come across, the Flood is a highly virulent, extra galactic, parasitic force whose sole purpose is the consumption of all living beings in order to sustain its constant expansion. Thought destroyed or contained by the Forerunners, the Flood has reemerged time and time again in small pockets of the galaxy, and has united even sworn enemies in the face of its awesome destructive power.

Halo Array

Originally built by the Forerunners, these magnificent ring world structures are deceptively beautiful. Originally built as the last resort weapon against the rampaging Flood, the Halos hold within them the power, when activated, to send out a destructive harmonic frequency that destroys the nervous system of any sentient life form.

The Covenant

Formally created in 852 BCE by Earth’s reckoning, the Covenant is a grouping of diverse species spread throughout the galaxy. Though originally comprised of just the Sangheili (Elites) and the San ‘Shyuum (Prophets), this collective has grown into a hegemony of races who share a single goal: the destruction of all Humanity.


The United Nations Space Command, or UNSC, is humankind’s last hope for survival. It is the military, exploratory, and scientific agency of the United Earth Government (UEG). It is the UNSC that commands the fate of the human race in their everyday struggles against threats to humanity, including the likes of the mighty Covenant and the all-devouring Flood.



FalFal ‘Chavamee holds the title Arbiter, a position of the greatest honor in Covenant Sangheili culture. Though his respect and honor has no peer, Fal has refused to blindly accept the Covenant Religion, and in doing so has begun down a path that will bring him nothing but pain and betrayal.


Han is the wife to Fal ‘Chavamee, and is loyal to him beyond all others. When Fal loses favor with the High Prophet and asks her to leave, she refuses and remains by his side.


A close friend and advisor to Fal ‘Chavamee, Roh tries to convince him that he must accept The Great Journey. When Fal refuses, Roh is torn between his allegiance to the High Prophet, and his loyalty to his friend.


A loyal military assistant to the High Prophet, Haka resents Fal’Chavamee and wishes for nothing more than to replace Fal as Arbiter. Large even among the Sangheili, armored in solid black, and wielding a conventional metal blade, Haka is a ferocious and intimidating warrior on the battlefield.


Fal ‘Chavamee is the leader of his people, and this means two things: he is willing to die for honor, and he has few peers in battle. When he is betrayed and his honor is tarnished, Fal fights as a demon possessed, and carves his legend out in the blood of his enemies.



Daisy 023Hailing from the Colony world known as “Harvest”, Daisy-023 is a Spartan II still coming to terms with the brutal realities of the program that created her. Like the Master Chief and by extension all the other Spartan II super soldiers, she was kidnapped by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) at a young age and placed in the program, subjected to surgeries and genetic modifications and kept from her home and family. Though deadly as they come, Daisy is plagued with flashbacks of a life lost and the horrible aspects of her transformation into a Spartan.

Sgt. Howser

USNC Sergeant Howser may not wear the armor of a Spartan or aspire to join the ranks of the ODSTs, but this brave soldier has shown time and again that character, grit, and determination can be found throughout all the ranks and file of humanity’s defense forces. Armed with an assault rifle and a quick tongue, Sergeant Howser helps lead the forces of the Harvest colony in their fight against the Covenant.


Also known as the Yanme’e, Drones are a race of insect-like creatures incorporated into the vast hegemony of the Covenant. They use their aerial dexterity to carry out aerial assaults on their enemies, attacking with speed and overcoming barricades through their mobility.


The Kig-Yar, hailing from the planet of Eayn and known by humans as Jackals, are used by the Covenant primarily as scouts, assassins, and reconnaissance experts. They use their exceptional stealth skills and great natural agility to benefit the Covenant, though they rank barely above the Unggoy (Grunts) in terms of hierarchy.


A Sangheili, or Elite, is one of the most dangerous Covenant species that Humans ever have the misfortune to go to battle against. Equally skilled at range and in close combat, these warriors adhere to a strict code of honor and study their enemies with great respect. This only adds to their cunning and skill, and as such the Sangheili hold many positions of honor within the Covenant hierarchy.


Spartan 1337Some might say he is cursed, but a simple curse would be trivializing the true extent of Spartan-1337’s woes. However, as many times as fate gives him a swift kick to the MJOLNIR, Spartan-1337 always rises again, dusts himself off, and launches himself towards dire peril in truly elite fashion.


Though his weapons are still in an “experimental stage”, this hairy bio-warrior has been specially trained to give even an elite super soldier like Spartan-1337 more than he can handle.

Loo, Sap & Pom

Loo, Sap and Pom are inhabitants of Kronky, the Fourth Planet of the Unicorn System. They are proud owners of a fully grown dinosaur, so it is understandable that they seem unfazed by the sudden appearance of Spartan-1337 on their mysterious planet.

May & Guy

May and Guy are known simply as “Big Brother” and “Big Sister” to their younger siblings Sap, Pom, and Loo. Though they don’t look like much, they help Spartan-1337 during his mission on Kronky.


Cortana is one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligences in all the Halo universe. Serving as Master Chief’s sidekick isn’t the easiest job in the world, so Cortana has developed a wry sense of humor to balance out her companion’s more “spartan” nature. As she witnesses the rapid and accidental descent of 1337 from a Pelican dropship in Odd One Out, she realized that there are more challenging Spartans to be working with then Master Chief. Much, much more challenging!


PrototypeCreated at the Research Facility T12A on the planet Algolis, this suit of powered armor is still in its experimental stage when a Covenant attack begins. Its use may be risky, but it also may be the only way to ensure the successful evacuation of the facility.


The Prototype Suit visually resembles a modification of the MJOLNIR armor worn by Spartans in combat. Armed with a virtual armada of weapons, a Heads Up Display (HUD) and an advanced propulsion system, this powered armor suit can more than hold its own against anything the Covenant has to offer on the battlefield.

Sgt. Ghost

A UNSC Sergeant in the Hades Corp of Engineers, Ghost has a reputation for being cold and emotionless, especially after his last assignment left his entire platoon destroyed. However, now facing a Covenant onslaught, Ghost may just have his chance at redemption.


The Banshee is used mostly by the Covenant as air support during ground assaults. Fast, maneuverable and extremely deadly, most ground units have no choice but to take cover when a Banshee attacks.


The Wraith is the main heavy assault vehicle for the Covenant, and utilizes hover technology and a plasma mortar for combat operations.



As a sniper from the 105th Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs) squad, O’Brien is a crack shot and no slouch in battle. But even his considerable ego takes a hit upon hearing that he has been relegated to a backup role in one of the most important missions of his career: the elimination of a Covenant Prophet.

Cal 141

Known simply as Cal-141, this elite warrior is not unlike the other SPARTAN II s: calm, quiet, and extremely deadly. Originally thought Missing in Action, Cal-141 joins a group of surprised ODSTs on a top secret mission to the planet Heian.


The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs) are an elite military unit typically selected for extremely dangerous, reconnaissance-type missions. These soldiers have earned the nickname “Helljumpers” due to their brash tactics and deployment style, as they are typically dropped into combat zones in small, one-man Human Entry Vehicles (HEVs) from ships in the upper atmosphere.


These warriors of the Jiralhanae race have earned a fierce reputation in combat due to their large size and a dangerous combination of brute force and savage cunning. They wield many weapons in battle, but most notorious among these is the Gravity Hammer, a massive two-handed tool of destruction that, as the name implies, can produce a powerful gravity shockwave when it slams into its unfortunate target.


The Prophets, or San’Shyuum are the spiritual leaders of the Covenant, and are the architects of the holy war against the Human race. They worship the long-vanished Forerunners as deities, and seek to locate, study, and incorporate Forerunner technology in order to achieve transcendence in what they mysteriously refer to as ‘The Great Journey’.



Booster FrameDeveloped by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the OF92/EVA, or ‘Booster Frame’, is a heavily-armed, open-cockpit vehicle designed for use by SPARTAN-II squads, and features a payload that includes 2 80mm Ball-Mounted Rotary Cannons, 1 M41 Anti-Aircraft Gun, 12 MITV missile launching pods, and an M92 Principle Gauss Cannon.

Master Chief

One of the most legendary defenders of all humankind, The Spartan-II known as John-117 has routinely saved humanity against the many threats of the Covenant and the many dangers of the Flood. Known to his enemies simply as “The Demon” and to his allies as a savior, the Master Chief fights tirelessly to protect Humanity from the terrors of a dangerous galaxy.

ONI Commander

ONI, otherwise known as the Office of Naval Intelligence, is quite literally the brain center of the UNSC. Its commanders excel at achieving objectives at any cost, and they utilize the most cutting-edge technology available in order to do so. An ONI stealth ship, loaded with an arsenal of experimental and extremely deadly weaponry, is truly as dangerous a foe as any in the galaxy.

Fred 104

A Spartan-II commando and veteran of over 120 campaigns, Lieutenant Junior Grade Frederic-104, or simply Fred-104, is one of the highest ranking Spartan-IIs currently serving the USNC. Similar in many ways to the Master Chief, Fred is a warrior who lets his actions speak louder than words, and he is deeply affected whenever his allies are wounded or fall in battle.

Kelly 087

Petty Officer Second Class Kelly-087 is a Spartan II super soldier and close friend to the Master Chief. She is notoriously fast, and has been clocked sprinting at speeds as high as 38 MPH. This has earned her the moniker “Rabbit”, as she often uses her speed to act as bait, luring enemies into traps laid by other Spartans.

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