The Human-Forerunner War: Combat Eternal

As of late a reoccurring subject has been appearing within novels,comics, and games. The Human Forerunner War.

The first mentioning given was in Halo:Primordium towards the novel’s conclusion. While Chakas was recanting events of yore to  ONI an ongoing war was mentioned between the two factions as ongoing.

 You and I are brothers in many ways . . . not least in that we
faced the Didact before, and face him now, and perhaps ever
after. This is combat eternal, enmity unslaked, unified by only
one thing: our love for the elusive Lifeshaper. Without her,
humans would have been extinguished many times over. Both
I and the Didact love her to this day.

-Halo: Primordium

The Didact is representative of The Forerunners,specifically their conservative views on the Mantle and Forerunner dominance of the Galaxy. In a modern setting with Humanity rapidly expanding and advancing, this is a clear concern to Didact and those (however few) who share his viewpoint.Chakas is reiterating what was already presented and understood within the first two Forerunner novels. Humans and Forerunners have been fighting since discovering one another without rest for eons then and now.  A unifying point for the two (according to Chakas) is the Lifeshaper who has protected us eons in the past with outstanding vigor and passively shields us now.

-the Librarian paused, bent over, knelt beside us,
spoke to us. Strange indeed that such a simple and elegant face can
appear so compellingly beautiful, so filled with empathy.
His warriors kneel at my feet, and I wither inside with shame as I recognize that, through their
imprinted bodies, they look upon me as a last and redeeming vision, regard my face as equal to that
of their own mothers, a face their descendants will see at birth and in all their deepest dreams …
“You are my children,” I whisper, and they respond in many tongues. I am ready now. I know they
will not lie to me. They will tell me what they were told, and I will know the truth of it, or not. “I
listen, Forthencho.”
We are your children, Librarian. But we are also their children.



While Chakas’ infatuation with the Librarian arose from his Geas and later on the belief of Librarian being a demi-goddess. Forthencho, has an infatuation akin to Chakas’ despite meeting the Librarian once and combating her husband for decades.  Ancient Man as a whole probably wasn’t aware of the Librarians campaign to protect them during the Human-Forerunner war. As composed essences arose during the events of Primordium/Silentium, Ancient Humans must have gained knowledge the Librarians struggle to protect their race and sacrifices she made. Hence their reverence towards  her at the end of Primordium akin to the demi-goddess Chakas has interpreted her throughout his life.

Animosity can seep through the folds of time, reappearing in the least expected ways. As hate travels so does love Humans (Halsey) to this day still revere the Lifeshaper much as we still face the Didact.


“You know,” she said, “Humans and Forerunners were always meant to be brothers, not to fight like we did.”

“Brothers fight too,” said Riser.

“I never had siblings,” said Trial.

“I had a brother,” said Riser. “When we were young, we would wrestle to see who was strongest. He was older, and usually he won. But when I got older and won, I never let him forget it.”

-Halo:Rebirth Transcript


When we were young, we would wrestle to see who was strongest. He was older, and usually he won. But when I got older and won, I never let him forget it.

Riser is a perceptive one who was able to quickly grasp ongoing events and decode them. What he said above has serious implications in the modern era and reflect what has been going on for eons.

We announced to your kind long ago that you were not the ones chosen to receive the Mantle, the
blessing of rule and protection of life and change that thinks. That blessing was to be given to others.
To those you now call human.



The exact relationship between Forerunners and Humans hasn’t been definitively established but the Forerunner Saga heavily implies one of the two happened-

  • Forerunners were created first with Humans being modeled after the.
  • Forerunners were created first with Humans  deriving from them over time.

While other combinations exist the point is that the two have been closely tied to each other since inception, hence being acknowledged as brothers from both sides. In the past Humans were young and couldn’t stand up to Forerunners, time and time again we were shut down and forced to sequester ourselves. Fearing, that a true revolt against them would cause us to be wiped away..  The Forerunners and their 3 million world strong empire were always a reminder of an ascendency Humans had never reached. They mocked us for that.


In the modern era, Humans are advancing without fear,concern, or denial. An organized faction doesn’t exist to halt their spread throughout the stars or limit their technological progression. The Forerunners haven’t appeared within 100,000 years nor are there any signs of them approaching to halt Human advancement.  Time flows like seasons, each month gets their light which fades as another takes the stage. Forerunners blurred the original order of things and prolonged their Ecumene unnaturally. Humans were forced to hide themselves and were later shackled due to The Forerunner’s-The Didact’s- concern of their ascendency.


Halo Escalations Issue 10
Halo Escalations Issue 10


When the Human-Forerunner war is spoken of it isn’t meant to be understood as a full scale war between factions. This is a war of philosophies: New vs Old, Progressive vs Conservative and also pain.
As champions battle throughout time their feelings travel with them. Pain is always reconciled through empathy.


Didact John

Currently, the HFW has been personified between The Didact and John (Master Chief). These are the individuals who will be fighting it out time and time again throughout this saga and no doubt conflicted during Halo 4.  What pain binds these two? Lost loves. Didact, at a young age, was stripped of his newly formed family forced to fight in a war he didn’t agree with and then lost all his children..  Branded as a traitor, The  Didact was forced into hiding and later went against all standards in his towards The Flood. It was the lost of his children that led Didact to cling to the Ecumene  and fight for Forerunner ascendency as it was all he had left.


John was forced (though he and others wanted to help their age denounced consent) to fight in a civil war at an age so early time wasn’t spent with his family. Decades later nearly all of Johns Spartan II brethren were killed leaving him more or less alone. Save for the AI Cortana who shielded him from harm time and time again. She has died, with John  going rouge and more or less being a traitor for that.


What this war will ultimately conclude to I cannot say. But casualties can be reconciled. The pain Didact feels for the loss of his race,family,ascendency, and children.. May be alleviated by understanding  Johns loss of  family and  ascendency.

I tell you now as Chakas told us then. This is combat eternal.  Brothers will fight until the younger beats older and he never forgets. That is enmity unslaked and until then we may face the Didact ever after. Our love for the Lifeshaper unifies us though Halsey now as it did with Chakas then.  It will be the pain of two brothers,who met as foes, that will reconcile ago old conflicts. And we know where to find them…

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