Archive Beacon – 3.27.15

Archive Beacon – 3.27.15

These last couple weeks have been pretty exciting, both for the Archive and the Halo Community itself. The Archive continues to hammer out bugs and issues (shout out to our Webmaster, Another Locust) and refine the experiences the Archive offers. While we’ve been working well on a localized level, some crazy big things have surfaced in the world of Halo, leading up to the release of Halo 5: Guardians. The Master Chief’s past isn’t quite as clear as it should be, and one man seeks to find those answers. The answers may be shocking, and even frightening… but the truth will be found, through the next step of Halo 5: Guardian’s marketing campaign: Hunt The Truth. While the community is busy awaiting the story of the Master Chief to be fully unraveled, we have knowledge of a different group of hunters. This unlikely alliance is heading back to the Ark in the next Halo novel, Hunters in the Dark, by Peter David. So, let’s get started, shall we? Let the Archive Beacon commence.

The Hunt Is On

Last week, a mysterious countdown appeared on tumblr. The timer was heading for Sunday, and above it was a bullet. Inscribed on the bullet was the word “Traitor”. As you can most likely imagine, the community exploded with speculation, theories, and most notably, hype. Who was the bullet for? Who is the traitor? Who shot it? What happens on Sunday? Many sought to find these answers, exploring the tumblr page and following hidden clues. At long last, a trailer was revealed. Only 16 seconds long, yet it provided a wealth of information and symbolism.

A sniper fires our mysterious bullet, now seemingly covered in a lot more than just “traitor”, at the Master Chief’s helmet. Was this it? Most certainly not. Hunt The Truth is now a weekly look at the Master Chief’s life, and how it affects his current status as a traitor. This series is led by ONI war journalist Benjamin Giraud, who has committed himself to finding the truth behind Humanity’s most prominent warrior. His first entry, an epilogue, already sets a very dark tone for what is to come. In the midst of lies and theories and rumors about one man, even bigger things are happening. Anomalies in deep space (cue Precursor/Flood reference) have been detected. Is the Master Chief keeping us safe? Hunt The Truth will release a new entry every week leading up to E3. But even more notable: there will be a live action trailer on the 29th!

Even with the campaign pushing forward openly, there is much to be found hidden underneath it. Our clever friends associated with the ONI Section 3 ARG have been busy hunting other secrets themselves. Thus far, they have discovered several strange images and words hidden in the Hunt The Truth pages. The images vaguely resemble star maps, though that is just a theory. In one, the words “Gods” and “Demons” have been found… leading to much speculation regarding the use of those words in the past and what it could be referencing right now. Hunt The Truth is still in its early stages, and more is being uncovered, investigated, and released as we speak and in the future. Be sure not to miss it! Stop by the Archive, through either our blog entry on the campaign or in the forums, to stay up to date.

Mgalekgolo In The Dark

Also revealed recently is what will be the next addition to my Halo novel collection, and in turn the source of my next decrease of available cash in my pocket. Peter David is set to bring us Halo: Hunters in the Dark on June 16th, 2015. One of many novel/short story entries for Halo this year, Hunters in the Dark will be one of the biggest. The synopsis was recently revealed… and it is going to be an amazing story, especially for those very attached to what we call The Ark Theory. A hastily formed group of Humans and Sangheili must go back to the Ark in 2555 to unravel a startling mystery that could seal the galaxy’s fate within weeks. Human and Elite political/personal differences set aside for the greater mission? The Ark? Forerunner secrets and riddles? Story fans around the world have been helplessly throwing money at their screens since this discovery, and many more will continue to do so as they see the cover art.

The original picture revealed with Waypoint’s Canon Fodder had a lot of speculation associated with it. Many noted similarities to the Ark, primarily with a specific structure in the background. They were correct. The Hunters in the Dark cover art features an Elite, front and center, with a Spartan farther back. Surrounding them, are Blind Wolves and the vast, glorious landscape of the ruined Ark.
Wait, what? Blind Wolves!? That cut species that was supposed to be in CE? YES!!
Hunters in the Dark, June 16th. It’ll be a good one.

Installation Report

In the aftermath of the assault on the Archive Installation a few weeks ago, we had abandoned the old Nexus (forum) in order to purge it of the increasingly hostile threats. After leaving its silent carcass active for a few weeks for some last minute raiding for worthy threads and topics to preserve… the old forum has been shut down. It is no longer accessible, and all records not saved have been lost. Luckily, we specialize in archiving. Let us have a moment of silence.

Looking Forward…

As this Beacon comes to a close, it’s time to look forward. Rate Maturation Date is approaching for this month, so be sure to welcome the new additions to each respective rate! Hunt The Truth is active and expanding, and that’s surely not something to miss. Especially that trailer coming soon. Hunters in the Dark will be an exciting entry into the Halo Universe, as well as all the other novels and short stories 343 Industries had prepared for us leading up to Halo 5: Guardians. E3 is approaching fast, and it’s sure to be a spectacular event for Halo. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for GrimBrotherOne’s Canon Fodder articles, which we keep good track of here. Halo: Escalations continues on strong as well, so you don’t want to blink and miss what’s coming next.
The Archive is looking for more ways to expand and promote, with a recent focus on tumblr. If you want to help out, write some articles, spread some content, and more, feel free! Shoot a message to any of the Community Managers or Admins with questions and concerns or suggestions.

With that, our time is up. I hope to see you all around, as we hunt the truth about the Master Chief together!
As always, have a nice day.
– JSA343


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