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Greetings Archivers

It is the eigth day of May. Gob is in a state of Xankara. His likes have not been spotted within the Archive Installation since the previous week. Though that’s because we currently have him in solitary containment. Likewise, JSA has been given the 12th grade treatment, and cannot join us on this eigth day—this day that smells of freshly fallen showers and blooming flowers (or just more showers)—of May.


So you’re all stuck with me. Forever. Until the end of Living Time. And perhaps ever after. I will haunt you dreams, invade your thoughts—do all that I can to ensure that mine is the counsel you imagine when pondering each important, life-long decision.




(That sounded especially creepy, so I’ll just be jumping straight to content).



Hunt the Truth: Episode 6



Whether you know it as “Petra comes around and wreks all the noobs,” or “holy Mantle, Dion was dead the whole time!” the latest episode of #HUNTtheTRUTH was (of course) released last Sunday. And with that, there are some particularly Halseyish theories surrounding a mysterious entity known as “Pharoah,” and a vast legion of fans waiting desperately for Benjamin’s next podcast. Anyhow, I’ll note that when I stumbled across the promotional image of this episode, the one showing Ben’s door broken down, it was on the forums. I thought I was in the Chat Thread, and when our member Nihilus Shadow had posted it, I legitimately thought that he was showing a picture of the aftermath of someone breaking into his house. Then, I realized that I was in our discussion for Hunt the Truth, and felt rather ashamed for allowing my sense of sympathy to impede my logic. Sigh.


Now, I’m sure you’ll have more use in these links—you know, our post for Episode 6 and the discussion thread—rather than my own shameless recaps. Indulge your lore-seeking ears and/or minds into those links, if you desire. I won’t miss you (just kidding). However, with this week’s truth hunted, time to move on.



And now for something completely different!



As you may know, we did our monthly promotions/maturations last week! If you were once a lowly Manipular, the chances are (we cannot always guarantee) that you’ve been put into one of the four rates. Lore scrubs go to the Builders, multiplayer scrubs go to the Warriors, neutral scrubs go to the Lifeworkers, and Miners are Miners. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be like me last May and rise from a 1st-form Lifeworker to an Eld-Keeper, within merely the muzzle flash of a Sniper Rifle.


Now, if you’re one of the various members who received a promotion last week—whether it was joining a rate or being promoted within a rate—you know who to thank. Not I, not the biases, definitely not the (ha) Constructors—but our Ecumene Council. They who gained their power through not only being voted into office by rate members, but also through hard work and dedication. Let’s all take these next few minutes, in a moment of silence, to honor our councilors and commend the service they provide us. After all, whether when I was a councilor myself, or as Lifeshaper, and where I am now, they make huge parts of my job infinitely easier, and I couldn’t be happier.


We also had our monthly Reclaimer Raffles, which our long-time member (and Reclaimer) Fin won! But in my opinion, Fin’s greatest achievement is having a three-letter gamertag. It’s hard to beat that. (And it’s hard to beat how ashamed I’ll be if you can’t guess his gamertag).


Anyhow, since there isn’t much else to talk about, let’s finish up with this cycle’s Friday Caption Fun!



Friday Caption Fun: 5.8.15

Last cycle, we announced the winners of the first round. If you need a memory refresh, it was an image of a hapless Spartan IV crouching within the dreadful confines of a Forge-created gulley. Technically I’m not sure what to call it. But now, behold the results of round two:


Gob, with…


Emi-Didact, with…



Welp, as I—in my humbleness and voraciousness—said, that’s all for this cycle. I’ve got a wedding to attend tomorrow (hopefully not a red one #GameOfThrones) and I’m sure that most of us have our thumbs in our errrr… eyes in wonder ogre *cough* over who Pharaoh will be in Sunday’s episode of Hunt the Truth.


Slay it with valor, slay it with strength —Andycu5, Official Archive Fascist

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