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I must begrudgingly reveal to all of you, that it is June. Thus marks the first month of summer, for the northern hemisphere. This is when northern nerds, like myself, tremble beneath the blaze of the hot sun, gasp in fear from torrential storm clouds, behold the terrors of raging wildfires, and crawl desperately—crying in utter despair—into the safety of our basements to retreat to Halo. HOWEVER, thus likewise marks the month of E3, Hunters in the Dark, our FIRST creative writing event, and JURASSIC WORLD, so I think we’re good. Actually, I think we’re terrific. ACTUALLY, I think (I know) we’re the Halo Archive. So, let us light the beacon.


Rate Update

Lately, you may have heard of some changes occurring with our rate ranking system. You have heard correctly. There are changes, big ones, of that matter. Let’s run through them, GET READY:

  • Rate boards are being removed.
  • Rate Councilors have been replaced by Rate Advisors, which will be handpicked by the staff, and will exist as two per rate rather than three.
  • Rates are now merely aesthetic items that signify one’s posting preferences, rather than mini-forums that constrict members into roles and jobs.


Archive Writing Event

As you may have already heard, the Archive Writing Event is in full swing! Submissions are rolling in, and things are getting very…very well-written. Alas, there have been some minor quarrels and/or/perhaps hiccups regarding policy, which I’ll address promptly. Promptly, as in now:


Effective now, any submissions that have already been shared on the Internet may NOT be used, UNLESS they

  • Have already been submitted PRIOR to June 3, 2015 (I’d be a real bigot if I were to force people to rewrite their submissions, after all)
  • Are adding onto what has been already been released (for example, if you wrote something up for one of Waypoint’s recent contests, yet had to scrap material due to the shorter word-limit, releasing your full, non-shortened story here is completely okay)



Friday Caption Fun

As I said last time, folks, BaconShelf has taken over FourthEchelon’s role as the host of this. Well, let’s see how Bacon’s judgement plays out:


SergeantNovak, with…


NobleActual117, with…
(Note: Brantely is the man responsible for the rebirth of the Moa, following the Fall of Reach. This was shared in a recent Canon Fodder, called “Have S’Moa”)


Anyways, I gots a graduation to attend. Yes, I am graduating. How much do you care? Hopefully with your entire heart, flesh, and soul. But either way, FAREWELL.


-Andycu5, Official Archive Fascist

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