What to Expect at E3 2015

Here we are everyone…the moment everyone has been waiting for this year: E3 2015 which will be streamed here on our site.

It’s hard to believe June is already upon us this year, almost as crazy to think Halo 4 came out almost 3 years ago. But I digress, let’s move onto what to expect at the year’s most important video game event. We shall go by topics: “Shoo-ins”, “We have to see this…right?”, and “So crazy it just might happen.”

The Shoo-In



Halo 5 Guardians

Alright, so this was not a hard guess. It does however remain to be seen what exactly we will see from Halo 5 Guardians. A campaign trailer? Gameplay? More live action? People will be excitedly waiting to see what 343i has in store for us and it promises to be big. Xbox head Phil Spencer recently said the following about what 343i has planned at this year’s E3 showing:

For anyone that has been living under a rock, catch up on the Hunt the Truth series before going into E3 blind since there have already been a few spoilers spilled for the story of Halo 5 Guardians and more specifically the Master Chief.

Below are both live action trailers released earlier this year in March:

We Have To See This…Right?


Halo: The Television Series

You remember don’t you? No not Halo: Nightfall…this one:

So we know that Steven Spielberg is somehow involved in making a Halo TV series, and that’s pretty much it. A year later this article came out with Bonnie Ross stating:

And 2015 won’t simply be the year of “Halo 5: Guardians,” it will also be a year that offers us a unique opportunity. The opportunity to invite old friends and new audiences into that universe through the “Halo” television series, launched as a unique collaboration with Steven Spielberg and some of the finest creative minds in the business.  A series that will stand alone, as well as complement and enrich the game experience.  We’ll have more to share on the “Halo” television series as we near its projected fall 2015 release.

Logic would dictate that June 2015 is close to fall 2015, so that should mean we see something during E3 2015. Hopefully that something is at least a teaser trailer, something that would show more promise than Halo: Nightfall turned out to be. Phil Spencer did say the show will not be “filler” and we know that it plans on having connections to both Nightfall and Halo 5 Guardians.

On June 8th over at the NeoGAF forums we also receieved this little hint from none other than Frank O’Connor himself:


So Crazy It Just Might Happen


Halo Wars 2

I know I know…for those of you that have been with the Archive for a long time you may remember this pick for last year’s E3…only to be proven dead wrong.

Here’s the difference this time around: there is no pending giant Master Chief release aside from the main show, that being Halo 5 Guardians. We KNOW 343i and Microsoft want to do a Halo Wars 2 and if you are not sure why I suggest reading this post.

A few key points to the article are:

  1. Phil Spencer talks extensively how he liked Halo Wars 2 and how Bonnie has spoken with him about it.
  2. 343i recently brought back the UNSC Spirit of Fire in the Halo Escalations Comics.
  3. The Phantom Dust trailer had a promotional poster for Halo Wars in the background. (At 1:04)

So only time will tell, and at this point if we are wrong we may just start doing it as tradition every year until it turns up to say, “I TOLD YOU SO!”



Halo by Telltale Games?

In case you are reading this for the first time thinking  we are idiots, take a look at this article. Even after looking over it, it would be entirely safe and fair to say we are in fact idiots. But give us the benefit of the doubt and let’s go over what the above picture is. In an Xbox sneak peek for E3 video they released this framed image you see above, presumably being a young John-117 facing Mendez and Dr. Halsey.

We have no idea if this is a terminal or a game, and honestly it probably is a terminal for Halo 5 Guardians…but then again the odds of it being a game are so small that if it is what I’m about to say, you have my permission to start calling the Halo Archive, Halo Nostradamus instead.

What if this picture is from a new Halo game developed by Telltale Games? Yes, the Telltale Game developer responsible for the Walking Dead comic like video game series. It’s so ludicrous it makes sense. We do know this about Telltale Games:

Coming from LucasArts we always felt we could do a great Star Wars story game,” Connors explained. “We also love the idea of building out a deeper story to a great game franchise, something like Half Life Stories or Halo Stories. – Videogamer.com

Intriguing no? Well then again this is why it is in the last category, because on the off chance we are correct, we will be immortalized by all of mankind for calling this out.

That’s it everyone, stay tuned for Microsoft’s press conference on June 15th, 9:30 AM Pacific Time. It will be streamed live here on our website E3 2015 page. Be sure to discuss everything on our forums as well!

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