Halo Warzone Gametype for Halo 5 Guardians

E3 kicked off and we were able to see an all new Halo gamemode entitled: Halo Warzone! Above is the trailer for the new Star Wars Battlefront-Like game type and below is a snippet from Game Informer going over the details-

During the Microsoft press conference, 343 Industries took the stage to show off Halo 5: Guardians with a new demo before revealing a new mode for the game. Dozens of people will be facing off against each other and A.I. units in a mode called Warzone.

We got a look at a new mode called Warzone, which is a multiplayer mode where up to 24 players will play on giant maps against each other and what looks like A.I. enemies. This mode will be playable at the show, so expect to see some impressions from us about this new mode soon. – Gameinformer

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Warzone is a giant player versus player, player versus everyone gamemode. The scale of Warzone, is like BTB, mixed with the sandbox of Halo on a massive scale. Objectives, Slayer, you name it.

This mode combines the entire Halo sandbox into one mode, one package. The aim is to blend together PvE and PvP. The goal is to either destroy the enemies core, or gain 1000 points. The maps for this mode is four times larger than any halo map before.


You have three objective bases, two armories and a garage, along with a main base. You start with clearing out your base from hostile AI, then deciding whether to go for attacking the players, bosses, or bases. As you do this, you gain points, and requsition points. The Requisition Packs allow you to obtain random cards (Banshee, Rockets, Scorpions, etc.), and deploy them into the battle. However, as mentioned above, they can’t be deployed straight off the bat. Instead, you will have to gain points.

These points allow you to gain power weapons and vehicles. No more having to wait for the vehicle to spawn, or rushing to the power weapons. Instead you will have to earn the cards by taking bases, killing bosses, and taking names! (Okay, maybe not the last one, but you gotta play the objective)

The requisition system helps to balance out the problems from Arena into this mode. Instead of working to control vehicles and weapons, you will be working to gain points to aid your team, and increase your performance, allowing you to greatly contribute to your team.

This allows teammates to always contribute to the team, while playing the way they want to play. You can either play the objective, fight other players or gain points through bosses. These battlefields are massive, much larger than anythijg Halo has done before!


This looks amazing Archivers! People have been wanting a large scale Halo combat game mode for a very long time, and we know the Universe is perfect for it. It looks like we will be able to face off against both Forerunners and Covenant in the mode as well. 343 Industries also promised that the mode will be playable so we should be able to update this article with more gameplay and information as E3 runs along. Be sure to discuss Warzone on our forum!

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