Archive Writing Event is COMPLETE!

Four weeks ago (maybe five), we announced to you all that on June 1-14, we’d host our FIRST community writing event for Archiver’s to face-off their writing prowess, armed with creative thought, in an wens of words. With the submission period having met its end on Sunday, and with our team of volunteer judges spending their yester choosing one contestant out of many, we’re proud to announce the WINNER—who will recover a FREE copy of Halo: Hunters in the Dark—today!


That winner happens to be SGT Pepr! Here’s his submission, The Insurrection.


With the grand winner announced, let’s take the next bit to commend the rest of our contestants. They’ll (and the winner) be recieving a badge signifying their participation in the event, which will be given once our Constructors have it ready!


Alas, here they are:


Finally, let’s give some credit to our judges (lest they judge us unworthy):

  • R. Robinson
  • NobleActual117
  • Firestormplasma
  • JM38LAK
  • Medscu

As with the contestants, they’ll receive both that badge, and an additional!


Read you next time,
-Andycu5, Official Archive Fascist

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