Halo E3 2015 Recap

343 Industries has been working on Halo 5 Guardians for roughly 3 years now, and as we get closer to the eventual release date on October 27th, 2015, 343i has made sure that fans are hyped as ever for the new installment into the Reclaimer Saga. Beginning in March we received the audio series Hunt the Truth, as well as various trailers and a Game Informer Cover Story.  We knew this E3 would be a big year for Halo, and while the actual information regarding the campaign was a bit scarce, we still received plenty of new reveals to feast on for the summer. This is our full Halo E3 2015 Recap, starting with what Halo fans around the world saw first:

In the first minute of the above video we see a trailer mashed up of various dialog and cutscenes in Halo 5 Guardians. All of the dialog seems to come from either Firteam Osiris, which is made up of Locke, Tanaka, Vale and Buck, or the Arbiter. The general discussion is in regards to hunting the Master Chief, who we see appear a few times during the cutscene snippets, however he is only seen alone without Blue Team. For a more in depth analysis on the trailer and information specific to campaign, stay tuned as we will have a full analytical breakdown of the new information.

The rest of the trailer is actual campaign gameplay, as the viewers get to see Locke and his fireteam in action for the first time. In regards to the visuals and game engine, it looks absolutely phenomenal. There are far more debris and sparking in the air as well as background animations showcasing the Battle of Sunaion. This ultimately made the game look much more exciting and captivating than previous Halos. The actual gameplay and movement look exactly like what we have come to know about Halo, albeit in a far more blistering 60 FPS rate; thus making everything extremely fluid and smooth.

Below are some great screenshots of the campaign in Halo 5 Guardians:

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The other excitement that 343i showed off to us was a brand new gamemode entitled: Warzone.

Warzone is a brand new, massive-scale multiplayer mode that supports 24-player battles with both friendly and enemy AI constantly dropping in to mix up the experience. It’s nonstop action when you confront Spartans, Covenant, and Forerunners, all while trying to complete a variety of objectives. – Waypoint

Below is a quick gameplay trailer of the new gametype that they showed off at the press conference as well as a vidoc released later that night on Monday June 15t:

This mode combines the entire Halo sandbox into one package. The aim is to blend together PvE and PvP by making the goal to either destroy the enemies core, or gain 1000 points; whichever is first.

You have three objective bases, two armories and a garage. You start with clearing out your base from hostile AI, then deciding whether to go for attacking the players, bosses, or bases. As you do this, you gain points, as well as requsition points. The Requisition Packs allow you to obtain random cards (Banshee, Rockets, Scorpions, etc.), and deploy them into the battle. However, as mentioned above, they cannot be deployed straight off the bat; instead, you will have to gain points.

These points allow you to gain power weapons and vehicles. No more having to wait for the vehicle to spawn, or rushing to the power weapons. Instead you will have to earn the cards by taking bases, killing bosses, and taking names! (Okay, maybe not the last one, but you gotta play the objective)

The requisition system helps to balance out the problems from Arena into this mode. Instead of working to control vehicles and weapons, you will be working to gain points to aid your team, and increase your performance which will allow you to greatly contribute to your team.

Well that was it for this year’s E3, however we did gain some extra news and tidbits through some developer interviews throughout the week. Here they are in listed format:

  • Currently no plans to have firefight or spartan ops in Halo 5 Guardians – Polygon
  • Six maps at launch for Warzone – Josh Holmes
  • Co-op campaign runs on dedicated servers – Josh Holmes
  • Big Team Battle will be a post launch playlist – NeoGAF
  • Mike Colter is not voicing Locke, Ike Amadi is. – Frank O Connor

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