Archive Beacon – 7.3.15

Back Again
And now, it is time for another Archive Beacon. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, our loving Beacon writer, Andycu5, could not lend his writing skills today. As a result, it is JSA343 here, with Gob in the background, here to deliver this Archive update. As we struggle to form semi-coherent sentences that, for the most part, cover what’s happened since the last Beacon, our new apprentice looks on, eager to figure out what not to do and how not to follow our example. Let’s talk about this new addition to the team, shall we?

Community Manager

I am honored to announce that your beloved Community Managers are another step closer to full dominance of the Archive, and will soon be prepared to take complete control. Whether or not that actually plays out some day… it’s hard to tell. What I can say for sure, is that we now have another manager on board. A couple weeks ago, Andy posted a statement in the Chat Thread calling for potential Community Manager candidates, with the upcoming E3 storm and the Archive’s general increase in membership in mind. To prepare for the future, it is important to us that we remain vigilant and ready to respond to all aspects of the community, good and bad.

It was our member Ghost of War who responded diligently to the call. After clearing it with the Biased Administration, we recently added him to our staff. So, if there are any problems, concerns, suggestions, complaints regarding Andy, complaints, and any other community-related issues/ideas, feel free to contact Ghost of War in addition to the rest of us. I would also like to take this time to point out that three quarters of the Community Managers are/have been Lifeworkers. Good representation of the rate, and effectively shoves me and my past into a corner. He’ll see you all around!

Maturation Adjustment

With the addition of a new Community Manager and an influx in active members going forward, we have decided to update the maturation schedule. All Archive Rate Maturations will now coincide with the Beacons, occurring bi-weekly. Every two weeks, after careful observation by our Advisory board and managers, Manipulars will be placed in their rates. Maturations will also now be covered in the Beacons.

New Stream Schedule

Now, there will be a stream every month on the Sunday following every other Beacon. These streams will elaborate on some points covered in the recent Beacons, discuss some announcements and plans, and answer questions from our Twitch chats. Staff members shall be present, in case you wanted to hear our luxurious voices instead of reading my luxurious walls of text.

The Light Theme

This is something our hard-working and dedicated Constructor team has been working on for a while now, and I think they’ve done a great job. The main theme for the Archive forum is made up of dark shades and colors, which works and fits quite well. However, to increase the options and appeal to different interests and moods, our Constructors have flipped the forum’s color scheme to the other end of the spectrum, creating the Light Theme. Using much lighter colors, this theme maintains the same layout of the forum, but sets a much lighter tone. If this interests you, please be sure to check it out! Head to the very bottom of the forum page and select “Change Theme”, and choose “Archive Light”. Be sure to thank Constructors Another Locust and She Sangheili for pulling this through for us!

Halo Canon Official Partnership

The Archive is proud to announce an official partnership with the Halo Canon channel! It is led by our member Toa Freak, who may also be recognizable on Waypoint. Halo Canon covers the canon of Halo, covering reviews that dive into Halo’s vast assortment of novels and comics, theories, explanations, and more. Be sure to check it out!


Last, but not exactly least… Maturations! As I said earlier, Maturations will now fall bi-weekly, lining up with the Beacons. Here they are!

marine14137 : Builder

Pnut2435 : Lifeworker

Invader Kane : Builder

Dodger546 : Builder

Harc The Shark : Builder

Locus : Warrior

Asholog : Lifeworker

Tacit Axiom : Builder

Shurifire : Lifeworker

TangoSierra : Warrior

OneSeventyOut : Warrior

AdibeEmenike : Lifeworker

Atas ‘Rasuvai : Warrior

Disturbedshifty : Lifeworker

Melnik Suzuki : Builder

Haloscout119 : Lifeworker


And with that, this Beacon comes to a close. Be sure to check out the forums, as the hype and discussions for Halo 5 continues to rise! Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming Archive stream. Have a nice day.


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