Hunt the Truth returns this September.

Hello Archivers!

At the  San Diego Comic Con panel yesterday, 343i has just confirmed that Hunt the Truth will debut its season 2 in September.

Hunt the Truth
Bullet from Hunt the Truth

If you haven’t listened to the recordings yet, you can by going to the HUNTTHETRUTH.TUMBLR.COM – Xbox page. Hunt the Truth is planning to run from September all the way to the Halo 5: Guardians release on October 27th. This season will be a continuation of the first season, which followed Benjamin Giraud, as he uncovered the truth about the Master Chief and ONI.

This is some very exciting news here Archivers! There are also a lot of questions to be asked and answered as the new season quickly comes upon us. Discuss on our forums HERE and remember to #HUNTTHETRUTH for an entire new season.

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