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Allow me to welcome you to the inaugural edition of The Weekly What If here on Halo Archive. In the coming weeks we’ll briefly touch on the many hypotheticals that have littered the Halo universe for years and even add a few of our own to the conversation. The format is simple. In 500 words or less, I’ll give my very own thoughts on where questionable, “what if” aspects of the universe may lead. Some weeks may include a more broad question where I attempt to convince you why a particular something is one of Halo‘s best icons. Analysis will be succinct and hopefully provide readers with a neat interpretation of things as they are.  I will warn you that you shouldn’t be shocked if I’m just winging it with a supercarrier full of terrible humor.

Now here’s where you come in! Seeing me going on and on about how the Grunts could be recruited for the next generation of Spartans is not exciting. Without interesting commentary from our readers we’re all doing this for nothing. That’s why with every week that introduces a fun, new question about Halo comes an opportunity for us to provide a platform for your very own opinion. Hop on the Archive’s forums and give us your very best pitch in 500 words or less of why the fictional powers that be in the Halo universe ought to listen to what you have to say.

Winning entries will be included in the following week’s edition and have their social media handles on Facebook and Twitter included in the update if they would like. As a forum member, your win will entitle you to a fancy shmancy new badge created just for The Weekly What If to be featured on all your Archive posts. Those lucky enough to have won multiple weeks will earn an advanced badge to reflect their awesome effort. Additional prizes that you could maybe see on screen, feel in your hands, or hang up on your wall might come later. Who knows? We haven’t decided if we want to be cool like that.

Enough with all those pleasantries and formalities. Let’s finally get around to being the spazzy fans that we are about Halo!

What if… the Master Chief fails?

Reunion Tour '58

Everything up to this point in Halo 5: Guardians supports that our hero, the Master Chief, could ultimately fall in the heat of battle. John-117 has faced so much tragedy in his life from being kidnapped to the death of so many of his Spartan comrades at Reach, all culminating with the loss of his best friend Cortana. We all have to wonder if he has another fight left in him. Can the Master Chief truly persevere once more against all odds to defend Earth and all her colonies?

Master Chief is a dedicated soldier. No one bothered to ask him if he wanted to serve humanity. Being a Spartan was truly in John’s blood. This was not only a decision that can solely be traced back to scientists when he was but a cute, little kid on Eridanus II, but a fate determined a thousand centuries before his time. Not once did he complain. Since his formative years the Master Chief has never once allowed a threat to humanity’s safety to go unnoticed. Like a dog biting down on a delicious steak, this Spartan’s gunsights will never let up for a second.

The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) seemingly wants the Master Chief to be seen forever as the perfect hero. This narrative has been controlled for far too long and one that has become entirely unmanageable. So, they’ve cast out the Master Chief as a traitor to their entire species. Jameson Locke, one of ONI’s newest Spartans, has been tasked with seeking out to kill or capture this legend they have systematically created, mystified, and demonized.

Maybe the Master Chief has finally met his match. His trademark luck has to run out at some point, right? Luckily he’s never had to rely on that trait as much as you would think. At every turn the Master Chief has relied on countless people from all walks of life to be at his side. The first to tag along were his childhood friends, Kelly and Sam. Some years later Sam would sacrifice himself in their team’s very first encounter with the Covenant. Now, over thirty years later, Kelly is back in the Master Chief’s life and so are two of his other close confidants, Fred and Linda. Blue Team was always there as a pillar to hold up humanity in the final years of the Great War, but so have millions of other ordinary people sacrificing themselves. It’s those very individuals like Miranda Keyes, Avery Johnson, Tom Lasky, and even the Arbiter who peer into the Master Chief’s gold visor and wonder how this icon carries all of their hopes and dreams.

Instead what they see in that visor are crystal clear reflections of themselves. What makes the Master Chief so special is that he represents the best in each and every one of us. This tireless boy from Eridanus II will never fail them so long as humanity never gives up being the selfless, scrappy, pain-in-the-ass we’ve always been.

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