Halo Wars 2

With Gamescon starting today, we expected some news about Halo from Xbox. What we didn’t expect was to have an announcement for a sequel to a game made in 2009. No, I don’t mean an ODST sequel. I mean a Halo Wars sequel. That’s right! Halo Wars 2 was announced today, and it is coming to the Xbox One and PC Windows 10 fall of 2016. The link to the post on Halo Waypoint is right HERE. Not much is said other than that Creative Assembly, the creators of the Total War™ series, is developing this game

The trailer for Halo Wars 2 is right below, along with all the images given to us by 343i.






News of the sequel is very exciting indeed, as people have been waiting for a sequel for years (6 years for an announcement. I’m not counting). Be sure to check out our forums HERE to discuss the exciting news of a new game and sequel that’s coming for the Xbox and PC Windows 10.

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