Are The Precursors Evil?

The real question to all of this is are the Precursors actually evil at the core, as the Primordial seemed to suggest? Evil is subjective in regards to this scenario, so let’s stick with the unification plan with the Flood as being “evil”.

If we are to believe the Primordial’s story (which is essentially all of the info we have on them), then we must assume the Flood was never meant to be. It was a mistake through genetic mutation of the dust that was once used as a way to reincarnate their past form. When the Flood was born, the Humans fought them off and then the Flood seemed to retreat on it’s own after it was nearly eradicated. Where it went and what it did from there is unknown, but we can assume it fled to another Galaxy less advanced and consumed all sentient life, with a plan for it’s own vengeance that we eventually see thousands of years later during the Forerunner-Flood War. At the end of that war, it was completely destroyed with the help of the Halos; unless there were remnants outside of the Galaxy still. So there are only two scenarios in which an invasion of the Flood can happen:

  1. There are remnants of the Flood outside the Galaxy.
  2. The Precursors are somehow connected with the Flood and wish to send them upon us.

The plausibility of number 1 is higher than number 2 in my opinion, simply because from the only knowledge we have of the origins of the Flood, it was said to have been a mistake created through genetic mutation, NOT revenge. So number one comes into play after we take into account that the Flood had receded for roughly 9,000 years after being “defeated” by Humanity. This period of time is completely dark in regards to them, however they come back with an attempt to exact revenge not on the Humans, but the Forerunners; a species that had nothing to do with them in the beginning and were not in direct war with the Flood…a species that didn’t figure out a cure or plan to destroy the Flood.

Why did they come back for the Forerunners and not the Humans?

This is where it gets confusing, because the only logical answer to this qustion that we can deduce is the Precursors are behind the Flood. The revenge we hear the Primordial speak of, is the Flood. But wait, why then did I say number one makes more sense than number two? Because it does.

Think about it again, the Flood were created by random happening and chance…or so we were told. For the purpose of this post we should only consider fact as what we have seen written in the lore which is that very fact, that there was no intention on creating the Flood. The Precursors had NOTHING to do with how the Flood were created. They didn’t think that would happen. So the only way the Precursors get involved into this Flood issue is during the 9,000 year dark period we have in between the time the Humans had essentially created the Flood and the Forerunner-Flood War.

Were the Precursors aware/watching what happened during that initial outbreak when the Flood was “born”? How else would they have known about the Flood if the powder was never intended to create it? These two questions are very important to consider, because it forces me to alter my thinking of everything about the Precursors, and I would think yours as well. The only possible connection other than the Precursors finding out about them during the 9,000 year dark period is the Timeless One.

Fan depiction of the Timeless One

The Timeless One is by far the most mysterious, misunderstood and puzzling character we have ever seen in the Halo Universe. It speaks in riddles, seems extremely intelligent and at the time was the oldest living biological specimen in the Galaxy. And yet, we are not sure if it is truly connected to the Flood or even the Precursors. It calls itself the last Precursor, and says their answer is at hand. If we look at everything we know about the Flood origins above, this truly makes little sense…but not zero. Let’s go over some facts/questions:

  1. How is it their answer if they never meant for this to even happen? The Primordial speaks as if they knew about the Flood all along.
  2. This thing “arrived” (according to the Gravemind) on an asteroid around 9,000,000 million BCE, long before the Flood came to be.
  3. Forthencho believed the Timeless One to actually be a mash-up of victims, similar to a Gravemind.
  4. He also believed it may have been responsible for triggering the ships that contained the defective powder to travel to the Galaxy.
  5. Is the Primordial even a Precursor?
  6. How is it’s consciousness assimilated into the Gravemind in Silentium?

I want to say for number 6, I and others believed while on Zeta Halo it infected itself with the Flood before being destroyed by the Didact as a way to have its consciousness somehow brought into the overall mind of the Flood. If that’s how the Primordial was assimilated though, who/what was controlling the Flood previously? My inclination is that nothing was controlling it since it was created by mistake to begin with. It retreated to survive destruction by the Humans, and then came back when it was strong enough to finish the Galaxy off. Again, this makes perfect sense in my opinion…with one exception.

Why was it hellbent on killing the Forerunners (not the Humans instead) and why was the Primordial saying it was the Precursor’s answer even though they didn’t know it was ever going to exist? (The Precursors did not create the Flood.)

My theory comes into play right in between the time Yprin Yprikushma first spoke with the Primordial, and the time the Ur-Didact spoke with it. After going over each and every option of what the Primordial was, how the Precursors were involved, etc…I keep coming back to one point:

The Precursors never intended to create the Flood, it happened randomly.

How would the Primordial be in control of the Flood in this scenario? How would the Precursors be in control of the Flood?

I don’t think anyone is in control of the Flood. I think it evolved on it’s own, separate from Precursor involvement and separate from Primordial involvement.

“But wait, why did the Primordial say it was their answer?”

Answer: Because the Primordial got lucky that the Flood were created by random happening and saw an opportunity to use it to it’s advantage by instilling fear into the rest of the Galaxy as a plan of it’s own revenge, not the Precursors collectively. I truly believe the Precursors may not be evil, and especially in the sense of evil we are using for the purpose of this post. I think the Primordial was held captive by old Forerunners (not sent in by Precursors) as a way to taunt, humiliate and “punish” one of the Precursors in it’s own time capsule. Over 9,000,000 years the Primordial developed a hatred for literally everything in the Galaxy and as soon as it was transported and found, the Flood were already born. He was able to use it to his own advantage to exact revenge on the ones who kept him there, which explains why the Flood was hellbent on the Forerunners after the Humans had basically won the first outbreak war. Then the Flood fled, continued consuming, became strong and then came back to the Galaxy to finish it off and somewhere in between, was influenced by the Primordial to focus efforts on the Forerunners. When it assimilated itself into the Flood, it knew it would be able to somewhat control it in the future and always be apart of it, thus making him immortal in a way. The problem is the Flood were completely eradicated, except for the holding chambers on the Halos and other installations. The only way for the Flood to “invade” is if there were remnants outside of the Galaxy still after its initial flee, and other than that, I think we are looking at just other outbreak scenarios.

I admit, there are still MANY questions to consider and that even question this theory. I still thought I should share it, because not enough time and thought has been given to the fallacies surrounding the Precursor-Flood connection.

One thought on “Are The Precursors Evil?

  1. Could it be that the remnant dust of the precurors, which turned into the flood, retreated to another galaxy after the first human-flood war and that the remnant of the precurous (gone into hiding after the forerunner-precursor war) found the flood (part of their former selves) and were able to manipulate them to exact their revenge?

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