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Greetings, my fellow nerds. Last time, you may have noticed that it was August. Well guess what: it’s still August. That means the last full month of summer is at hand, and all the students are getting ready to return to whatever educational institutions await them. Gamescon has come and gone (which included the bombastic reveal of Halo Wars 2), and RTX more or less passed by like a gentle, late summer breeze. But anyhow, onto the first topic of the day.


All Hail Halo Wars 2

As stated, a long-awaited sequel to the somewhat not at all forgotten Halo real-time strategy game has been announced. Although I, for one, was confined to a location of very poor internet connection (literally, it was one or two bars of E at max) at the time, and thus never got to watch the trailer until days afterwards, I can say right now that I was right. Yes, the article that we published several months ago about Halo Wars 2 being ‘on the horizon’ was very much an accurate forecast. That being said, if you haven’t already done so, get to the forums and discuss HW2 in its dedicated thread.


New Partnership Inbound

Throughout your time on the forums recently, you may have heard the word ‘HaloSwallower’ before. Now, we can say that it’s more than just a site Andycu5 created and is advertising in a thread created for it; now, HaloSwallower is an official partner of the Halo Archive. Just like Halo Canon, and whoever else we’re partnered with.

For some info about HaloSwallower, let’s start by saying that it’s entirely SATIRE. None of the news you read there is true, and the entirely plausibly implausible theories are intentionally plausibly implausible (so, if you’re someone who wants to show off their lore talent by disproving HaloSwallower’s theories, be warned that you’d make a great fool of yourself). And now, for its history:

HaloSwallower began its life, in mid June, as a Twitter page. Then, a few weeks later, I expanded it to a wordpress blog and registered http://HaloSwallower.com as its domain name. After several more weeks of success, my friend Ellisrael offered to run a YouTube channel to coincide with the blog. Since then, we’ve been looking to expand our team. You can find out more at HaloSwallower.com.



We may not have too many this cycle, but the maturations are a sea of green (and NOT the UNSC). That means it’s a teeming horde of Lifeworkers. SO, here ya go:

  • Snoop Rocket – Lifeworker
  • Boring – Lifeworker
  • ChaosMetalDragon – Lifeworker
  • Will – Lifeworker
  • MstrChiefAlexEd – Lifeworker

If you’re unsatisfied with your rate, please contact your Rate Advisor. In this case, contact OompaMyLoompa.


-Andycu5, Official Archive Fascist

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