Halo Archive Beacon — 9.11.15

Light the Beacon

Welcome, Archivers. JSA343 here, undoubtedly your favorite Community Manager. September is underway, marking the time for many of us to return to universities and schools. I hope you’ll all still have ample time for Halo, because some major advancements are soon upon us! Halo 5 is less than two months away, and Hunt the Truth Season 2 is imminent. Halo: Last Light is due in just a few more days. There will be no shortage of speculation and theorizing and analyzing to be done once Hunt the Truth and even more Halo 5 secrets are revealed, so we at the Archive are working hard to provide a comfortable news and discussion environment for our forum.

Pick a Color

Well, not exactly. But color is certainly coming to many of us on the forum. Our Constructors have been hard at work restoring the site after an update unexpectedly stripped it of numerous features and established styles. We’ve taken advantage of what the update has given us, returning much of the site to its former glory and outshining it in other places. I can’t quite speak much about the technical side of things, as the last time I got involved in the site’s coding I condensed the entire forum into a tiny info banner running across the screen. However, now that most of the background processes are completed and artistic options reanalyzed, our Constructors have been working on some new forum themes.

Each rate on the forum is represented by a different color. Now, each rate is receiving a customized theme to fit their style, complete with a new array of colors and banners to spice up the forum atmosphere. And they look quite nice. Finishing touches are being applied to certain themes, but all rates will have theirs soon.


Maturations are here, so be sure to congratulate and welcome these members into their new rates!

Draft – Builder

GreenleafCM – Builder

Jaxsor – Lifeworker

Ray8016 – Builder

Be sure to keep promoting and engaging in discussions, and inviting members to join in on those discussions!


With this, the Beacon ends. Halo 5 approaches fast, alongside expanded media content such as Hunt the Truth and Halo: Last Light. The reclamation is soon to be upon us.
Have a nice day.


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