Halo Archive Beacon — 10.9.15

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It’s October. That’s important for a couple reasons. The most prominent of which may be that we are now officially in the month of Halo 5: Guardians’ release! New info continues to drop leading up to launch, and its supporting material continues to get more incredible. We are almost there.

The Plot Thickens

That subtitle is actually really vague, since the plot is thickening in everything surrounding Halo 5.

First up is Hunt the Truth, which is dropping every Tuesday leading up to launch day. Things are getting interesting in this story, with direct references to the events of Halo 5. I’ll spare you the details, so you can listen on your own. Or, if you’ve been keeping up, get right to discussing it on the forums.

Next are the two live action trailers released, screwing with our heads. The Master Chief is on Meridian, and declared KIA in the event. But is he really dead? The unofficial story says otherwise. It’s time to hunt the truth, especially after listening to Hunt the Truth.

Gold Standard

One of the more significant announcements as of late pertaining to Halo 5’s development is that it has officially gone gold! The game is undergoing mass production to reach our Xbox’s and store shelves by October 27th, and is in the last stage of its long development life. But it’s not over, because Halo 5 has a wealth of new content and updates planned.

Forge is among the biggest and more incredible updates to come in the near future. Completely overhauled and reworked for Halo 5 and what Xbox One has to offer, this iteration of Forge has the most improvements and features of any Forge to date. A bigger content gap than even Halo 3 to Reach’s Forge. The possibilities with Forge are nearly endless, and the tool will be in our hands come December.

Keep an eye for developer blogs and trailers as we get ever closer to launch. There’s still more to see.


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This concludes the Beacon. Halo 5 is right in front of us, just a couple more weeks. We’ll be diving into all the goodies within and surrounding the game up to and after launch, so be sure to stay in touch with the forum and check back for new content on the site!
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