One Final Effort – Archive Beacon – 22 July 2016

The Beacon has been lit once again.


One Final Effort

Archive Beacon 22 July 2016



It’s been a long time coming, baby! Welcome back to the tri-weekly Archive Beacon. That’s every three weeks, not three times a week. Despite discombobulated English, we’re back and better! Expect more from these from here on out. As per the format of Beacons, we’re supposed to write what’s been happening since the last Beacon, however… Well, it’s been a long time. So I’ll just write about what’s been happening in the recent past. Enjoy!


Main Section

Since we last talked a lot has happened. We’ve been working on a lot, the community has been doing a lot, and staff has changed a good bit. We’ve bumped Grizzlei and Logan up to Community Managers, and added three new excellent scrubs to the Juridical team: Mr Martini, Folder of Fortune, and Slaybells! We’re very excited to have them on the team and they’ve been doing an excellent job.


We’ve got some awesome stuff going on within staff. We finally sorted out any and all issues with Reclaimer memberships and got everything sorted. Beacons are back. We’ve got new staff aboard. We’ve got staff meetings every two weeks now, which have been really helpful in getting things going. Soon enough we’ll be hopping back on Superlatives and the Archive Tournament. Things are going great within staff and we’ve been super productive. Stay tuned for more!


Whilst plotting our eventual takeover of the Archive Installation, we’ve also been looking at some specimen- members’ work here, and cool stuff. We’ve got some cool places to talk about stuff:


On topic:

-As usual, Canon Fodder

Halo Wars 2. A Halo Wars 2 Story ViDoc came out! Go check it out!

Halo: Tales from Slipspace


Off topic:
Overwatch (Reinhardt FTW!)

Red vs. Blue




Not much in the way of announcements. Again, we’re pretty happy with the way staff has been going and the staff reformation. We’re becoming more and more effective and efficient in our duties, and we’re pretty proud to say the ball is rolling once again after a small period of stasis. We blame the Created takeover.



Here’s some awesome stuff that’s stuck out recently:

Contact Harvest Signed Book Secret – A thread decoding and looking into a signed book by Joseph Staten by CIA391

As Time Passes… – A thread on the Didact doll, and plot hints for Halo by Dodger

The Fontsmith’s Foundry – A thread decoding the language of Forerunners by StellarStateLogic


We had another Gif War (Gif Wars 5, to be precise) in the Canon Fodder Thread. Sorry Grim! Anyone who participated is officially a Gif Wars survivor… Maybe we could make a badge for that… :)


If you’ve got anything you want to be featured, make sure to tell us!


Staff Comments

     It’s been a good week here on the Archive full of tremendously enlightening dialogues (YAY SHIPS!) in keeping with the spirit and intentions of this wonderful, fledgling community. Special shout out to Anton, Dust, LtColonelTzu, and Preston Cole for livening up the Canon Fodder Discussion thread. Super duper radical special shout out to the forever wonderful GrimBrotherOne for tolerating our dorky butts for yet another week. We can be a pain for you but in the end we dearly appreciate everything you do for passionate communities like ours. In other news this coming week will see a great amount of news brought into the spotlight for all aspects of the Halo community. From gamers and lore buffs to the extremely meticulous toy collectors there will be something for all of us to freak out over. Be as active as you can and find out everything there is to share with your fellow fans! Finally, on a completely unrelated note, please buy Overwatch because it’s honestly the only shooter besides Halo 5 worth playing right now. Let’s get some Archive playdates going across all the platforms! There’s a new hero Ana due out this weekend in the latest patch and so many teammates need to be 360 no-scoped healed by this fabulous lady.

Stay cordial and keep it clean, loves!


Hello, nerds!  I hope you’re all having a great summer.  Just two quick points on my end.

     Yes, superlatives are still happening.  As you may have seen my laptop was on its last leg and my charger literally exploded, so I’ve had to wait.  The winners will be announced during an Archive game day and the list will be on the next Beacon.  Bare with me as technology hates me way too much or something.

The world events threads have been lively with civil and informative discourse.  Just a reminder to keep it that way.  You’re all doing well.

Keep up the good work!

-Presto Swole

Hey there, you beautiful Archive rompers you! We’ve dumped a beacon on you yet again, did ya miss it?

With more and more events coming into play and much more staff engagement coming along, Beacons returning are only just part of the Archive’s overall movement! The Chat thread is far better than it was half a year ago, and that is absolutely swell! So remember everyone, keep it clean o_o and keep it fun :) !

With the Archive Tournament coming shortly, I may have some maps rolling out just for the occasion, so long as Ellisrael doesn’t beat me for trying~

-Ghost of War

     Glad to have these Beacons started again! It has been a loooong time coming and now is a great time! With Halo Wars 2 coming out along with plenty of other events, product and lore. There will a lot to talk about in the coming months.

     I am a rather new staff member still, I would like to say. But have been a member for a few years and now have the time to help out here. So you will probably see me all over the place (if you haven’t already) that the Archive has it’s fingers in. Like Twitch, YouTube, Reddit and plenty of other community and social sites!

Feel free to reach out to me for anything from collaborations to affiliations and more!

And subscribe to our YouTube for some projects we have coming up and our Twitch channel, we broadcast most game days!

 – Brother Jones/Adv Jones 

     Hey, so I don’t exactly have much to really say right now. In fact, I don’t really have much to say in general, really. The Archive’s still got an absolutely wonderful community. And the Canon Fodder thread has been having some really good discussions.

Keep it clean!

Folder of Fortune

Future dictator benevolent ruler of the Archive

Dear Archive,

     I still don’t know what I’m doing, but that’s how I got this job, so hear me out: coming from someone who spends a lot of time on Waypoint, seeing what moderators have to put up with there versus here is stunning … and we can -Yoinking- swear and discuss politics, nonetheless. What I’ve seen here are intelligent, civil, tolerant, respectable, empathetic, and honest people working together as a community. We are friends who discuss our differences with such diplomacy, world leaders should look to us as an example :cavebob:

Anyway, I may not know what I’m doing yet, and I may be a bit of a dingus who’s only here right now because I thought the word “beacon” was “bacon”, but I’m honored to be here either way. 



Halo Wars 2 yo.


Greetings and salutations,

     I’m going to preface the following with this: I am not a robot. The way I talk may appear stilted and unnatural, but I can assure you I’m not a robot. I swear. I understand some of you who believe the prophecy of the robot uprising would think that’s what a robot would want you to think. You are probably correct. I wouldn’t know…because I am not a robot. Seriously. Seriously. I will now commence with my proper remarks.

     I’m not very good at speeches or things like speeches, so apologies in advance. I’m much more the type that enjoys talking with people, and I look forward to doing that with everyone here over time. While Halo has brought us all here you can usually find me in the off-topic section of the forum; particularly the Other Universes board. I like that we can learn about other common interests, and possibly gain new ones through conversation. There’s a lot to offer here in that regard. I’m currently (slowly) working on history and story details of the Metal Gear series in the Metal Gear thread. I also frequent the Dragon Ball, Pokemon, and Marvel threads. Also, I know Halo is the big focus here (especially multiplayer), but for those looking for something in addition to that I’d like to point you to the Overwatch thread. That’s just the beginning. There’s also art, current events, and much more. All I ask is that you don’t make me access my internal system defense protocols remain cordial and have fun!


– SlayBells, a human, from Earth, a planet

I’ve been undercover. Working in the dark to serve the light. Piloting this ship with our mighty crew.

Or maybe I’ve just been working irl a lot. And maybe I’ve been sick all week. 

Either way, we’re back, lighting this Beacon once again for your reading pleasure. (Special thanks to @Ellisrael for giving us the kick in the ass we needed for this) [You’re welcome ;).]



I’ve got to point out that, NO, maturations will not be a part of the beacons. These are tri-weekly, they won’t line up with maturations. Sorry for the mix-up guys! We’ve got more coming and we’re excited for it.



That’s all for this time around. Thank you guys so much for being amazing community members. The Archive Staff couldn’t ask for a better community of smarter, kinder, and funny people. We love you all and hope these Beacons can help you guys connect with us more, and most importantly everyone more. Thank you for reading, and have an amazing day of staying inside like a hermit and playing Halo!




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