Admiral Preston Cole Returns with a Beacon – Archive Beacon – August 12, 2016

Light the Beacon. 


Happy August, Archivers!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their end of summer and looking forward to heading back to school for those younglings that still do that (haha!).  We have a couple of things to talk about this time around.  Superlatives have finally arrived, there is a new moderator rank on the forums, maturations are a part of Beacons now, we’ve got a sneak peak into staff, and much more.  Let’s jump right in.

 Main Section

The winners of the Archive Superlatives are finally here.  Technology has finally cooperated.  These members will live on in fame or infamy forever.  Here are your winners:


Most likely to get banned for Memeing: Preston Cole


Most Likely to Secretly be a Celebrity: GrimBrotherOne


Most likely to Spartan Charge a teammate into terrible situations: Ellisrael


Most obnoxious Halo player: Ellisrael


Best Preston Cole: Brother Jones


Most Bodacious: TR-8R


Most likely to break the Archive: lizking10152011


Best Halo Archive Writer: She Sangheili


Best Emergency Replacement for Gob: Brother Jones


The Most Likely to be a Mouth Breather through the Mic: Adopter of Knowledge


Most Grammar Nazi: Will


Most likely to get banned on Xbox Live: Brother Jones


Most likely to get their prompt turned into porn by She Sangheili: StellarStateLogic


Best Builder: She Sangheili


Best Lifeworker: StellarStateLogic


Best Warrior: Anirudh07


Best Miner: CIA391


Best Juridical: Logan


Most likely to give others a lift when they are feeling down: Hurrying Candy


Best Halo Player: WRGGuntDevil


Worst Halo Player: Brother Jones


Most likely to ground pound anyone to oblivion: Erickyboo

 On Topic

 Canon Fodder

Halo 6 Story Discussion/Speculation

Halo Wars 2

Off Topic


Anime Thread

No Man’s Sky: An Infinite Space Exploration Game


As many of you seem to have heard, a new moderator title has been added to the fold.  This rank is known as “Prefect” and can be identified by the light blue name text.

The purpose of the rank is to maintain a healthy amount of moderators and staff members.  Prefect is a rank reserved for less active moderators and staff who we believe should still maintain their power in case there are emergencies (spam bots would be an example).  It never hurts to have enough people who can aid in maintaining the site and keeping an eye out for anything that would make the Archive look bad. They’re also kind of like community leaders in a sense. Think multi-role!


What—Where am I? Oh snap, it’s a beacon folks! Well, we’ve got something extra, extra special going on. Before we go into absolute overdrive in staff the next coming months, we want to give everyone a peak into staff chat and what we’ve been working on, presented by yours truly, sexy monster Ellisrael.


First off, let’s talk about Reclaimer memberships. If you’re not aware, these memberships are the best. You get no advertisements on the site, you get a choice of colored text, a personal chat lounge, and more (It’s only $10 a year as well!)! Well, we decided to work on organizing the Reclaimer memberships, which was our first goal.

We successfully created a very hefty sheet to finalize all of our Reclaimer memberships. This took a lot of tracking people down, surveying them about their memberships and asking what was up. It took two pages of talking stuff out to make sure everything was in order. Lots and lots of work went into it.

View post on

Second, we’ve got the Beacons, one of which you are reading right now. These took a fair amount of brainstorming, revising, and staff meetings. Ultimately they’re here and they’ve been doing great. Cheers!


Third, we decided to add more staff members to tackle the upcoming tasks staff will have to handle. With more helping hands and more time on the Community Manager’s hands, it seems to have been a great call and we’re bringing more than ever to the table because of it.


Fourth, we decided to work on adding a new rank to staff, the Prefects. More on that in the announcements section!


Finally, we’re working on Archive emailing. We’re separating and migrating all of our accounts and info for added security, organization, and more. It’s going to be a huge challenge and lots of time and work has been and will be put into it, but we’re still going strong and we don’t intend for that to change.


We’ve got staff meetings to initialize and finish these projects, which are working great. We block off hours of our day for this stuff, and let me tell you, we love doing it. We want to and can make something of this.


This all has an end goal guys. We want to provide the best platform for you all possible. We hope to, no, we WILL, eventually tackle issues outside of these organizational and internal things. This is going to spread to the rest of the community. And great things will come to it. All of staff sees it, and eventually you guys will as well.

As usual, we’ve also got five featured members and their works! There’s so much cool stuff this time around!:


Halo: Legends Japanese Blu-Ray Special/First Edition (Unboxing) by StellarStateLogic – Stellar got her hands on a really cool Japanese Halo: Legends Special Edition! She unboxed it and everything, it’s really cool, check it out!


I skimmed through my Halo 5 art book and pulled out what I felt was interesting by itisKenway – Kenway pulled some really cool stuff out of the Halo 5 art book he found interesting. It provides some really cool insight!


Halo 5 Beta Menu UI designs and Design of Spartan Abilities by DARK REIGN12 – An inside look into the early development of Halo 5’s menus and new Spartan abilities.


Halo: Ground Command – LoreThe Power of a CAS-Class Assault Carrier, and Halo: Fleet Battles – Lore by Lord of Admirals – Some very cool and interesting background on Halo: Ground Command, Halo: Fleet Battles, and analyzing the CAS-Class Assault Carrier. This stuff is really lengthy and in-depth. We absolutely love it because of how much work was put into this. Great job!


Promethean Knight Awareness? by Drof497 – Analyzing what being a Promethean Knight truly means, and what was actually taken away from them. Do they have feelings? Do they want to do what they are doing? How does this tie in with Cortana using slaves for her conquest of restoring the Mantle?


Some people also need help with stuff!


Check out Valkyrie 497‘s story, he needs help writing Black-Box in his story and will credit any and all who help!


Ever heard of Sins of the Prophets? Of course you have! Unikraken and friends need help with voice actors. Check it out!


Lastly, check out OG Halo. These guys are a really funny and cool group of guys, and are willing to help anyone. They’ve got a discord chat for teaming up and destroying people in ranked, play Warzone, whatever! They’re really cool guys!


I’ve taken up enough time here, back to you Cole!

Staff Comments


Someday soon my friends. This ride will come to an end. And we can’t just get in line again.

     Addition: We plan to make this community something. Something where our voices and (hopefully) be intertwined with the makers of this universe and other communities along the way. To be a place to learn everything about Halo and have some fun in games, movies/videos, music, and other outlets that enrich the Halo Universe. Yes this has always been the plan, but we promise to make this statement loud and clear within a small time frame. So stick around.

-Brother Jones

     Happy Beacon Everybody. I’m going to keep this brief as I’m a little under the weather, but–as others have stated–we’ve got a lot of big things in the works.  A lot of exciting and interesting endeavors.  So keep an eye out and follow closely. Have a good weekend everyone.

-Mr Martini

     Happy Beacon! We’ve got some new stuff we’re working on that we’re excited to unveil when they get finished. And don’t miss out on Halo Wars 2 in February. Every bit of information about it just adds to the hype train.

Happy August, everyone!

-Folder of Fortune, future dictator democratically elected ruler of the Archive

Go watch Bojack Horseman.


Beacon day? WHAT YEAR IS IT?

     It’s August, and you know what that means: massive amounts of entertainment to absorb and then rush onto Archive to discuss! Maybe some music? Maybe the greatest scifi drama ever right now: Stranger Things? Or maybe you can tumble down the rabbit hole of Halo 1/2-like hype and discussion with No Man’s Sky. The world, nay, the universe is your oyster. Trust in me as your atlas and I will show you the way!

– SlayBells, your totally biologically human moderator; promise.

Sappy Beacon everyone. I’m still having a festival hangover (literally and figuratively) and getting back into the swing of this whole ‘Halo Archive’ thing. 

Also as I’m typing this up my dog has an upset stomach and is crying :(” 


     Badda bing badda boom. When I kick open the door, they all look at me. Even if I don’t try that hard all the guys get nosebleeds. A toast for me right now. Hands up, in my hands there’s a bottle full o’ Henny. The girl you’ve always heard about, that’s me, Jennie.

Stay cordial and keep it clean, loves!



This is going to be a small list because we did Maturations not even two weeks ago and they’re now in the Beacon. We’ll make the most of it!

@Benijam – Warrior

@Ambr8978 – Builder




     As the summer winds down, please remember that you should never hesitate to contact a moderator or staff member with any questions, concerns, etc.  We are always looking for ways to improve your experience on the Archive and feedback is a necessary way to know how to do that.

You can look forward to the next Beacon on Friday, September 2nd.

Thanks all.  Keep up the good work.

-Admiral Papa Swole Cole

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