The Memories – Archive Beacon – September 23, 2016

Light the Beacon.


Afternoon, Archive.

First of all, yes, you’re reading this correctly.  It’s me, JSA343. The Beacons are mine again! Or, rather, the rest of the administration was nice enough to let me write at least this one, as I get reacquainted with things.

Welcome to the Beacon, this time acting as our mid-September check up. We’ve seen more than a few interesting things taking place in the time since Brother Jones treated you to his take on the bacon Beacon, both in Halo and around the Archive.

Before we jump into the main subjects, I’ll start us off with a bit of a trip down memory lane in part to reintroduce myself, since it really has been a little while, and also to explore an interesting past of the Archive. And with this, a look into the history of the Beacons, and the Archive’s blog/site.

Memories and Story Time with JSA343

So, I’ve been on the Archive for 4 years now… or something like that. I don’t exactly remember… we’ve gone through 3 forums, 2 main sites, and innumerable smaller changes in the time that I’ve been here. For a couple years, some might have known me as Cognitive Bias, one of the three (eventually four) main admins for the Archive, before we restructured our administration (and everything, for that matter) and I became a Community Manager. With this past and experience, as you might assume, comes some history and many stories. Believe it or not, this site, these Beacons, and the blog in general, are the product of years of improvement and hard work. I was the face of the Archive’s earliest official blog, and I’ve handled the Beacons on and off for years. So, let’s go back and look at some history of the Beacons and our beloved site, shall we?


Shortly after joining the administration, I was kind of put in charge of our official blog. I managed the content submitted by our members, spearheaded an early version of the Archive Project, and became the face of the community beyond the forum. This was done through something we came to call: The Beacons. Every so often, I’d write up a little status update on Halo and the Archive community. We threw in news, Archive announcements, highlights, theories, and a ton of other things. It was really pretty disorganized, and we didn’t have nearly as good a system as we have now. The site itself was also pretty horrid. I don’t really know what went into designing it (even though I kind of had a lot of the input…), but it was just cluttered and random. The post progression and timeline were off, and it didn’t match the forum at all.


So, when we moved from our Zetaboards forum to our Proboards forum, we also overhauled the main site. Beacons stopped, submissions became problematic, and nothing was really in place for a while as we built our first legitimate home site. Finally, after a long wait, the blog was back. The Beacons returned, though I overhauled them a little bit. The Beacons were more focused, and yet more open. The news was taken out and moved to a different section, and the Beacons became more of a small staff update, though the extra content really depended on who was writing them at the time. They didn’t exactly follow a schedule (though I tried to). The site itself was finally more structured; plus it was much, much prettier. But it was a different hosting software than we had used before, and wasn’t really as intuitive. We expanded our content, and opened up even more to community input, but still kept the admins as the main writers.


When we decided to move the forum again, we knew that we had to reset the main site. It was time for a unified theme, organized and scheduled content, and the introduction of an important concept called functionality. The past iterations worked for what we needed, but as the Archive grew and became more public, we needed something that would show us off in a better light. From that, came everything you see today. Of course, we’ve modified the layout and color scheme a little as we refine the forum, but this is the culmination of years of work, and I’ve seen it all. The Beacons returned, highlighting member maturations, Halo and Archive announcements in conjunction with dedicated news sections, and the community became direct contributors. We formed content teams, set a schedule for the Beacons, implemented partnerships, and opened the gates for constant theories, discussions, and ideas to be spread beyond the Archive community. We, as an emerging major player in the Halo community, looked professional and organized.


Now, the Beacons have been revamped again. There’s a set layout (which I’m actually breaking by writing this), and we’re able to effectively cover many new sections, such as active topics, featured members, and partnership shoutouts. The Beacons have come a long way too, from my early days as their caretaker. I’m beyond pleased to see my fellow staff members lighting them with care, knowing the immense history the Beacons, as well as this very site, hold.

Main Section

As Brother Jones eloquently alluded to in the last Beacon, there were some pretty major things headed our way from the teams behind Halo. Well, in the weeks that have passed since that update, many of those major things have arrived!


First up: Anvil’s Legacy. And this is a big one.

Forge on PC! Forge on PC! Forge on PC! Forge on PC! Forge on PC! Forge on PC! Forge on PC!
Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs! Forge Prefabs!
Content Browser! Content Browser! Content Browser! Content Browser! Content Browser!

And accompanying those three incredible additions, we have Mercy and Temple, a new Arena and Warzone map, respectively. Plus tons of new and awesome REQs, like Hunter cannons and some sweet weapon skins.


Halo: Fractures- Extraordinary Tales from the Halo Canon was released on Tuesday! This spiritual successor to the beloved Halo: Evolutions contains several new stories from numerous parts of the current Halo Universe. From the final days of the Forerunner’s war with the Flood all the way to the immediate events of Halo 5: Guardians, these are some stories you won’t want to miss.


And, this Beacon couldn’t be complete without an update from our faithful GrimBrotherOne, who provided us with some valuable information regarding two upcoming goodies.

Smoke & Shadow will be a novella, Envoy will be a full novel.
You heard it on the Archive first. 😉

Canon Fodder and Random Lore Chat
Should Cortana be seen as evil?
Halo: Fractures

Dragon Ball
Archive Game: Save or Kill
Halo SFM Posters!


So we have a lot to go over in what is going on inside the Archive!

But unfortunately, a lot of it is still up in the air, so we can’t really say much…

Just know that it involves two sci-fi authors. One of them you all will recognize and the other is a fantastic mind in the knowledge of sci-fi, even though they both are.

We have brought on to the Staff Lord of Admirals as a Community Manager. Due to his length here at the Archive from several site changes and old forums, we knew he was already a great choice. Not only for the team but for the up-coming possibilities. But also note that this possible event does not just involve Staff, but also Archive members who have serious questions and knowledge to bring the the “table”.

Along with this new possibility, we have a new affiliation with the author of Full Circle, Synth Samurai. We welcome you to the Archive family!

The Archive is testing an external live chatbox using Discord. Follow the link HERE to join.
Note: This is just a test to determine popularity, functionality, and impact on the forum. If too many members prefer the current chat/banter threads over it, or forum activity declines because of it, it will be removed. Be sure to voice your opinion!

Lots going on, so be prepared!


Other side notes on what is in the works:

  • Site emails; working on getting secure and set business like emails for the site so then we won’t look as sloppy.
  • Possible site restructure; at the moment it is rather hard to edit and change things on the site (not the forum), so we are looking into a possible restructure for it.
  • More additions to staff; this is not happening soon, but could. Its based on what is “up in the air” right now.
  • STILL LOOKING FOR CONSTRUCTORS! Want to be involved in the creation and management of our site and forum? PM me, Brother Jones, with a short resume on your expertise and past experience. If we plan to change our site we need some help along with it! So join up and bring some ideas to the discussion and lets see what we can create!

Can’t think of anything else to add in and again if there are any questions on what is going on feel free to contact Staff!

-Brother Jones


The World As Made From The Mind’s Eye – Keeping Halo’s Thirty Year Promise
– A thread by the author of Full Circle, a collection of articles entertaining a more academic look at the Halo franchise. This article looks at how 343i and Microsoft might aim to keep the promise of 30 years of Halo.


David Brin and Greg Bear– Now this one is big. It’s not an announcement because it’s still very much in the works, but fellow Community Manager Preston Cole has spilled the beans on one of the Archive’s biggest prospective events. A potential round table Q&A with Sci-Fi writers David Brin and Greg Bear. Read up and stay tuned for further developments!

From our friend IndirectsAchievement:


And from Little-Known Productions:


Now a little something that will be around in every single one of our Beacons, in the “Extras” area. The Halo Podcast Evolved… podcast! Be sure to listen in on all the news that comes out along with their own news that is going on in the Halo community!

Halo Podcast EvolvedEpisode 98.5

Staff Comments

Fractures, the well-anticipated anthology of short stories set in the Halo universe, is due out this week. Please talk up a storm about these wonderful new additions to our beloved universe, whip up some intriguing theories and carefully-crafted analysis of what went down, and most importantly, please be good to your fellow contributors. There are no doubt going to be conflicting viewpoints, accolades and criticism, and so forth, so it’s best to respect and cherish discussion from others instead of pushing it aside with spite.

Stay cordial and keep it clean, loves!


So much to get done still. Get ready for more action in the near future, here at the Halo Archive!

-Brother Jones

Woah, it’s Fall already and there’s a ton of new Halo content out or coming out in the near future.  It’s time to empty your bank accounts, buy all of this Halo content, and get to discussing all of this in the appropriate threads.  If you don’t I’ll have to ban you, and that is much worse than a depleted bank account.

Have fun Halo fangirling, nerds.

Also, lettuce is terrible.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

-Preston Suplexes Covenant Assault Carriers May or May Not Be Dead Cole

Hi everyone,

I’m very happy to have joined the community managers. The induction ceremony was interesting to say the least. For those of you in that XBL Party, it was a real honor. Ellisrael, I’ll never forget what you showed me. For everyone else, we’ve got some cool stuff on the way that I’m not allowed to talk about because I honestly don’t know when we can talk about it. For now, it’s all hush-hush.

You fall as your stresses crack you,

-Lord of Admirals

Hey guys. Things have been going pretty great around here, save for a few bots that needed smashing (though that’s more fun than anything, really). Anyway, I’ve been reading Mythos … if you haven’t checked it out, you should do so (shameless plug) or one of the many Lore threads discussing it around the Archive. But DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go to the Banter Thread: You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

-Mr. Martini

Heya cool-cats, this is your friendly-neighborhood moderator and dispenser of moderation justice, Folder of Fortune! Not to be confused with Wheel of Fortune! We’ve got this amazing new beacon for you all to read, so get to it! And if you’re reading this beacon and you’re not part of the Archive, what are you doin’ with your life?! Sign up already! Also, if you haven’t checked out Mythos yet, do it! It’s great! I don’t have much of a frame of reference since I don’t have it in my possession, but from what I hear, it’s an instant buy, no questions asked!

This has been Folder of Fortune, comin’ at you from the Halo Archive’s moderation team!

Well hello there, beautiful Archivers!

We’ve got a lot in the works for the Archive as it stands. We’re doing more exciting things than ever, and we’ve got a lot in store! We’re also starting on [REDACTED] and also [STAFF EYES ONLY]... What?! Nothing! Well, teasing aside, we really do have countless amazing things in the works and we’re excited to share them with you all in the very, very near future. Until then, stay classy Archive folks!

-Ellisrael <3

You guys will never know what Lord of Admirals had to do to become a community manager.:cortana:



Well, it appears this is the end. It felt good writing a Beacon again, especially knowing how far we’ve come since I published the first one years ago. I’m going to gradually be around the forum more, so feel free to talk or look for assistance. I may be a little rusty, but I’m settling back into things pretty quickly. The Archive is stronger than ever.
The next Beacon will be lit on October 14th. Don’t miss it.


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