Wars Reminiscent – Archive Beacon – December 23rd, 2016

Light the Beacon. 


Hello, everyone! The FNG here speaking; HaruspexOfHell, accompanied by Jones! It’s been three weeks since the last Beacon and my last contribution to it, though it does seem like these are gonna be on schedule again! So let us rejoice for that.


I’d probably guess this is my time to introduce myself into the Beacons, mostly since of course many of you might not know who even am I or why am I writing this, well, in the interest of time I shall tell you the in-a-nutshell of this; I am a writer, amateur at least, aspiring of countless things of course, I am a guy living in a little hole called Venezuela too, I also host the ProgressiveHalo podcasts with my good friends Adopter, Metal and Reiku!


Well, that is enough talk about me, let’s plot a course and jump away right into the Beacons! This week’s Beacon shall be as always a compilation of all the information released in the past two weeks, so let’s not waste too much time and jump right into it, shall we?

Main Section

Okay! First things first, have you seen the new trailer for Halo Wars 2?! If so what are you doing with your life!


[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adh46ky_-WI[/embedyt]



There have been a few things here and there, obviously, the Halo Wars 2 trailer and the ability to play Halo Wars Definitive Edition early with the pre-order of Halo Wars 2’s Ultimate Edition, if you haven’t Pre-Ordered it, what are you waiting for? Two awesome games and the season pass? Get on that now!

If you haven’t pre-ordered your Ultimate Edition before the 14th, your code will take somewhat longer to arrive at your Xbox Live Message inbox. If it hasn’t arrived still be patient, it will arrive! I got mine already, so I hope to see you all on the battleground!

Did you also see the newest update to Halo 5? If not, let us begin with this juicy goldmine of entirely new stuff, okay. Are you with me? Take a deep breath, inhale, exhale… 


Monitor’s Bounty:


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YUnJdvjAxA[/embedyt]


Okay, let’s start with the basics. Remember the last post, I was speaking about the M319 Grenade Launcher from reach coming back? I called it the Pro pipe. Well, about that, it seems we’ve got our very own Pro Pipe! I guess I can say I called it? Yeah? Okay! We’ve also got both variants now, such a great addition, however, it seems that one REQ variant is missing too if the leaks are anything to go by. Possibly coming with the next update as they did run out of space with this update.

And we’ve got two new beautiful maps; Barren and Depths, both amazing, both going to be the fruition of many great ideas and who even thought of an underwater map? Because I didn’t know I needed it in my life until I stepped foot in that map, such a beautiful view.


Oh! We’ve also got a beautiful pair of Wasps coming straight out of the bakery, the REQ bakery! Welcome, ONI Wasp ‘Duskdevils’ & Hannibal Wasp one which I will dub the ‘Blue Devil’. Will it catch on, though? I doubt it, ha. I think it is extremely fitting, though.

Let me remind you also, that we’ve got ourselves the AA Wraith completely playable for the first time (Not as a glitch in Halo 3, mind you.) Available to us in the sandbox of Halo 5: Guardians.


Now, this brings us to the more extreme changes, okay, let’s see what’s ahead of us. Yes, you know that thing called a custom browser? Well, it is AMAZING, we’ve hosted a couple of matches just on the first day and we’ve got over 20 people in one match once, it was nuts, nuts enough that it almost crashed my Xbox, and is that a good thing? YES.

The most fun I’ve ever had in the Halo Sandbox for sure, surely, expect more game nights from. . . Relatively everyone! 


Now let’s move on to Forge! 

The changes are just immense, from Sangheili architecture pieces to equipment, to flags, hell, the phantom has individual pieces you can delete! Am I excited for that mundane little aspect, though? Heck yes! And, it’s not mundane, retract that!

Oh! And of course, we’ve got some crazy new scripts which, if you didn’t know the Japanese part of the community is going crazy with! Crazy enough to build a bloody calculator! Can we just appreciate all the work of our favourite Bearded Forge Magician Tom French?  Okay, here’s a small list!

  • Action Target
  • Multiple Actions
  • Script Options
  • Script Disabling
  • Enhanced Scripts
  • New Conditions
  • New Actions

Let us also cherish the fact that Race and King of the Hill are coming back! Along with a new mode called Battle Gold which I’ll surely be trying out! I’m sure Ducain is very happy thanks to this! And so am I, being a huge advocate for King of the Hill, I almost peed myself of excitement hearing about it… But those are enough details. Let’s forget that happened…


Moving on! Warzone!

One thing, Heroic Warzone Firefight, which in my opinion is way too easy, but I’m sure many of you might appreciate this change of pacing in the game modes, especially those who struggled in the basic Warzone FF, we’ll now have Legendary and Heroic, accompanied by Mythic Firefight! Which will feature the return of the skull activation per round! Here’s the layout which I may or may not have copy pasted but. . . Look past that fact!

  • Round 1: Tough Luck
  • Round 2: Tough Luck – Blackeye
  • Round 3: Tough Luck – Blackeye – Thunderstorm
  • Round 4: Tough Luck – Blackeye – Thunderstorm – Catch
  • Round 5: Tough Luck –Blackeye – Thunderstorm – Catch – Mythic

Are you excited? Are you feeling it yet, Mr. Krabs!? Because I sure am and I am going to be playing on it all the time, I always enjoy a challenge! Oh, and I guess I should say… You know the Unggoy Goblins? Yeah, those lil shi– Uh, those funny little guys… Yup, I meant that, yeah they’re giving them a variant with a Scarab Beam! We’re going to have so much fun!

Also, Temple and Prospect will also be added to the Firefight rotation! Which I am happy about, I wanted those maps in the rotation so bad. But we shall move on now! Because we’ve got more people!



OK! They’ve separated Arena into two playlists! Ranked and Social! Finally, I’d say, been waiting for this kind of separation for so long! So as you would’ve guessed we’re getting different playlists on each side, so here, I’ll list them out below, and I think that’ll be it. I THINK. 

Social Playlists:

Team Skirmish. Action Sack, Super Fiesta, Triple Team, Infection, Shotty Snipers, Grifball & Big Team Battle.

Ranked Playlists:

Team Arena, Slayer, FFA, Doubles, Team Snipers, SWAT & Breakout.

And I believe that brings all of this to a close, oh dear all of this hurt to write in one go, my handsamputate them! Just kidding, don’t. No, don’t put the hatchet in the pyre, no wait STOP– Okay, enough about that, I also want to plug in the fact that they’ve fixed the aiming in the game, seems way smoother and seems ghosts melees are gone too, so rejoice!


Also, on a last note as I forgot all about this, we all would’ve received a free giftable gold REQ Pack, so go ahead and send those now! Send them to those in need of REQ progression, though, and a word of advice ask first if they need them, there’s been plenty of people who have the REQ progression complete and have unlocked everything who have received god know how many REQs! Also if you don’t know who to send it to.. You could always, y’know, help a brother out, gift it to me! 😀 Just kidding, haha.

And we’ll see you all on the battlefield!

Also, remember to be hyped about the new update, because we may or may not be getting some of these amazing helmets!


Halo: Smoke & Shadow

Halo Wars 2

Halo: Tales From Slipspace


The Last of Us

Mass Effect



Our dearest staff and member Ellisrael will be leaving us to venture on to new experiences in life towards success and happiness. Everyone from the  Archive wishe him the best and hope he comes and drops in from time to time. So don’t be a stranger, Elli! We’ll supply you an infinite amount of thig– I mean…”joy”.

With that a position is open and Preston Cole has created a post asking any and all members to apply. Here is the link to it, please submit everything required by him to be considered.


Along with that open position, the Rate Advisors will be getting some new fresh meat for some of the Rates!

Congratulate Adopter of Knowledge and Phenotype in being the new Rate Advisors for the Builders!

And congratulate TR-8R to being a new Rate Advisor for the Lifeworkers!


Remember the Prefects? Well, we have finally decided on their “image” and thus a badge was made. So now all Prefects will be back into their respected Rate, but now with a shiny new badge to educate other members of their time of staff service and/or large helpful contributions to the site. Yes, they are still considered to be community leader figures and support for when no staff or mod is around.


Ambassadors and Affiliates also now are a little more refined in their role and how to obtain that role.

Check it out here for all the details on the requirements to becoming an Affiliate/Ambassador with us!




A Lazy ShisnoBuilder


We’ve got some exciting stuff coming our way, here’s all we’ll have featured in the site and affiliates! For starters, will be the series of posts that Synth Samurai has brought us from his project, Full Circle!


Have you read these amazing new posts by our nearest and dearest Chronarch yet? No? What the heck are you doing?! Cmon get that bum over there and read them!



Yours truly, HaruspexOfHell


I’ll also like to plug this one here ’cause y’know, it’s awesome!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvdmNpiqYsY[/embedyt]


From our member and fellow YouTuber Indirect, we’ve got ourselves his newest Halo 5: Guardians Top Ten video!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE0FLwG_7f0[/embedyt]


Our fellow friends at ProgressiveHalo have started posting the I Love Bees phenomenon that shook us all during the marketing of Halo 2 back when, if you haven’t listened to them and don’t know where to listen to it as the chapters and positioning of the tracks is quite tricky, well, you can listen to them now here!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY5vWGY6w5k&t[/embedyt]


We’ve also set up a ProgressiveHalo Discord for everyone to join! You can join here!



Podcast EvolvedEpisode 108: David in the Big City!

Staff Comments

Happy Holidays friends!  I hope you all enjoy your time with friends and family.  It was a strong year for the Archive, and 2017 is shaping up to be even better.  Thank you for a fantastic year!


-Prenald J. Jcole.


Hope you all have a good holiday season! We will see you next year 😉

-Adv Jones


The new year nearly upon us. It’s been a great one for the Archive, and I eagerly await the trouble fun we’ll get into in the next year. Let’s make this new year a worthy successor to the Archive’s success!




Again, here we are at the end of the post, these are a lot of fun to make and for sure I’ll probably be helping make more of these in the future myself, though we do need help on this end, so if you feel qualified to help out with these and perhaps do more of your own stuff if you’d like, just shoot a PM to any of the CMs with a detailed outline/resume as to why you feel fit for the role!

It’s good fun, so if my word is anything to go by – maybe a little biased myself, but who knows? Haha – If you feel like you’re a good fit but you’re uncertain about it, just try it out, PM any of the CMs, ask for any details and get a feel for it, we’re always taking applications and more hands on deck is always a good thing! Besides, like I said, it is damn fun to write and do your own things!

Oh! Before we bring this to a close, make sure to make an account on our forums and join the discussions! And if you are savvy in the computer science sector, please contact any and all Staff if you would like to help be part of the Constructor Team for the forums. Help create the forum new additions along with maintaining it along the way!

That’ll be all for this one! Make sure to pass by the forums, engage in discussions and keep the fire going! Until next time! See you all on January 13th!

HaruspexOfHell and Adv Jones, formerly Brother Jones, who is now trapped in my basement, eating old moldy cheese.

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