A Heavy Price Paid – A Halo Poem

A Heavy Price Paid – A Poem Dedicated to those who Survived the Flood.

Shaky breaths, over and over, as the sounds of agony, filled his mind,

Oh, thou, broken fellow whom survived the greatest peril.

A flood lay waste to his brothers and sisters in arms.

His mind shattered like glass, as the sounds of agony filled his thoughts.


Here lie thy in peril, shaking in the midst of night.

Alone in the dark, sidearm in hand.

Oh, thou, who survived great terror.

Whom would you be if that flood returns?


Shaky breaths, the agony that will never leave.

A cold barrel pressed against thy sweaty forehead.

But courage lacks, to complete the deed.

Oh, thou, who survived insurmountable terror.


Lie in fright as the night cripples you.

Oh, thou, poor heavy soul who survived a flood.

Thy heart, heavy and weary, thine mind shattered.

How long will thy soul persist in this dance with thou desires?

How long will this elegy of a flood of death, persevere in thy shattered mind?


Oh, thou… Who persevere through great peril and agony.

When will thou nightmares cease, prolonging such pain in thine heavy heart?

Oh, thou, who live on and suffer thy horrors every day and every dusk, hearing voices and cries of agony.

Whom survived a flood of rotten flesh and death.

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