Looking Ahead: A New Year – Archive Beacon – January 13th, 2017

Light the Beacon.


And so, 2016 comes to an end. For Halo, it’s been a pretty big year, with much of its hype and focus continuing on into 2017. But here, I’d like to talk about the Archive. It’s been a pretty big year for us as well, and we’re all so happy to see how this community has grown. We made some significant advances throughout the year, especially in the last few months. Now, we look forward towards the new year ahead of us.

Have you all made your New Year’s resolutions yet? A collection of desires and goals for the upcoming year, things to change and improve, things to start and continue. Well, the Archive’s staff have made some resolutions. And we’d like to share some with you, along with a few general updates and plans.

Main Section

With 2016 leaving and 2017 coming ahead, everyone is still on holiday time it seems. Not much in the Halo world of news. But be sure to check out all of our Affiliates/Ambassador/Partnership content! Some will be posted below, but only their newest content.

I guess the real fun is for the next update with the return of some favoured armour. Some original armour from Halo 3!


But the little news we’ve got around the place are pretty exciting, to say the least, though, with a modicum of disappointment, with a new release comes new messes in pre-order privileges and such, Halo Wars 2 is right around the corner, just barely 6 weeks away now and in the following I shall be spreading the knowledge that should be rightfully spread.

Also, no, we’re not getting steel books, at least not anyone outside of Australia which is their exclusive pre-order piece in EBGames. The Atriox Edition.

So let’s get this going, shall we? Okay.


  • Through the Microsoft Store, we’ll get an exclusive Isabel Blitz Pack so it seems, as well with the basic, Welcome To The Ark content, Season Pass, Halo Wars Definitive Edition and of course, Halo Wars 2.
  • Through Gamestop, you shall receive a pin pack including five Halo Wars 2 themed pins, as well as the aforementioned content in the game.
  • At GAME, you shall receive two Blitz starter packs, one Atriox themed and the other Let ‘Volir theme. And of course, all the Halo Wars 2: UE content.
  • If you bought it with Amazon.com, you shall receive a Captain. Cutter Blitz starter pack.
  • At EBGames, you’ll be preordering the Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Atriox Edition; which contains 2 exclusive pins, the steel book, Atriox and Let ‘Volir Blitz Starter Pack as well as all the privileges and content of the Ultimate Edition.
  • And last but not least; Best Buy, you’ll again get the same content in the Ultimate Edition as well as the Decimus Blitz Starter pack and an Atriox Statue.

That concludes the pre-orders, at least what we have right now, let’s move on towards the next two topics now!


So, we’ve recently got news that the latest Loot Crate will be Atriox Themed! We don’t have much information on what it will bring but we’re sure it will be awesome! ..I, myself, I just want my hands on those files.


And last but not least, the Cancellation of Project Haggar, a Halo Mega Bloks game that surfaced not long ago being developed by a group called N-Space, you will be able to watch the video below.

[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZB8d11d9go [/embedyt]


As well as the last batch of news coming in recently about Halo Wars 2, first.

The open Beta will be available from January 20th to the 30th. If you played the first build of the beta back a few months ago, you can redownload the client now on your Xbox and get ready in advance for the beta! If your weapon of choice will, however, be the PC, you can download it through the Windows 10 Store

[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4Z7QIKb87w [/embedyt]

And last but not least, the Twitter Account ISA1307-2 has surfaced not so long ago and she only has one Tweet in the account dictating the following date:

01\ 17\ 2017

Could be some kind of anagram for the tag 117 that we know and love, but something is certain, the fact that there’s something coming on the 17th, now, we have a few theories which I will list below.

  1. This will lead towards an ARG (Which is what I personally believe.)
  2. This will be something Text transmission fragments. Something akin to BioWare’s tweets when they were marketing ME2 and ME3 DLC.
  3. A new audio drama much like ILB or HTT, which will run for the following five weeks up until the release of Halo Wars 2 in February the 20th.

So, that will be all, Spartans. This is all the news I have for you guys today!


Halo Shipping

Halo: Fleet Battles Discussion

Halo Wars 2


Star Wars




Remember to submit your stories to Adv Jones before February the 14th, to enter the giveaway for Halo Wars 2! And remember that you must at least be a Manipular on our forums to enter. 

More information on how to win it, rules, etc will be left on this linky link!


    • You may have noticed a notable site slowdown in performance over the last few months before we made a major effort to resolve the issues. Our initial trials and tests proved encouraging, but some complications may prevent us from implementing our solutions in full. Still, we continue to search for and discuss ways to keep the site running smoothly and quickly, for the convenience of all of us.


    • As we work on the technical side of things, we are still in the process of moving through some internal work too. As such, we will continue to delete and merge old, cluttered threads throughout the forum. This aims to increase site performance (the original chat thread was over one thousand pages long!), and also reduce clutter in the larger and older sections and subsections around the forum. If there are any older topics you want to be saved or remembered, be sure to save/record them yourselves or PM an active staff member to temporarily preserve it.


    • We use a pinning system and a featured system to highlight important and valuable topics around the forum. It’s become apparent, however, that we’re not very good at maintaining their use. Thus, we have sections with an entire page full of pinned topics, and now irrelevant featured topics. Early on in the New Year, we will reevaluate all the pinned and featured threads to reduce clutter and allow the truly important topics to remain at the top. Be aware that this may result in some threads changing position in the thread list.


    • The World Events board has received an update in regards to its specific rules and guidelines. This policy aims to improve discussion across the board. Be sure to review the revised rules and guidelines before jumping into discussion.


        • WE WANT WRITERS – PM an active staff member to inquire about publishing on the Archive’s blog. Join our content team and write about Halo! Reviews, analyses, theories, discussions, ideas, connections, etc. We’ve got some room for activity.
        • We plan to continue scheduled Archive Beacons and other staff updates.


        • We will review applications and appoint a new Community Manager. (Applications are no longer accepted, atm)
        • WE NEED CONSTRUCTORS – PM an active staff member to inquire about being a part of the Archive’s Constructor rank, a group that focuses on the technical side of the site and forum. If you have technical computer skills and web design skills (CSS, HTML, PHP…) and are interested in helping to maintain our website, we’d be very happy to hear from you!

General Community:

        • We hope to employ a variety of community-building events and ideas throughout the year. PM Community Managers with ideas and suggestions on ways to get involved, particularly on the side of community game nights and ideas. Specifics to come in time, as they’re finalised.
        • Reclaimer Membership – The Archive has many hopes and goals, but we do need money to make that happen. If you’d like to support the Archive, consider joining the Reclaimers for special forum tools and benefits. This includes coloured text, exclusive fonts, no PM storage limit, Reclaimer title and badge, a custom title, larger signatures, allowed a display name change once every 30 days, the Reclaimer forum section, and you will not see ads. Also, Reclaimer benefits can receive updates and improvements when our Constructors get bored. View specifications HERE.


None  for this Beacon… C’mon! It’s only 30 posts!



Man have our YouTube Affiliates been working hard to keep up the flow of great content! Here are some videos that we recommend you all to watch.


HiddenXperia here with his first video for 2017!


One video here from our friends at 343i Community Forum (343iCF)! They have been doing videos on XCOM 2, but with Spartans! Check out their latest episode:


Halo Canon starts his new year off with some more of “Let’s Lore”


And last but not least is our boy, Indirect. Coming in with some hot “no scopes” for our eyes.

Staff Comments


Happy New Year!  Two things:

The search for a new Community Manager is ongoing.  We expect to have made a decision in the near future so stay tuned for who earns the spot!

Also, the Content Team is putting together several projects for in the near future.  Keep an eye out for details.

 – Preston Cole


Happy New Year!

Hope this year we all have more fun with this universe of ours and encourage positive change throughout it! 

 – Adv Jones


It’s been a great year, and I eagerly look forward what the Archive can accomplish in this next year. Our staff is working hard to maintain a positive and constructive environment for discussion and community interaction, and we can’t wait for some of the things to come!

– JSA343



So, that brings this issue of the Archive Beacon to a close!

Though, as usual, I shall remind you all to make sure to make an account on our forums and join the discussions! And if you are savvy in the computer science sector, please contact any and all Staff if you would like to help, and be part of the Constructor Team for the forums. Help create the forum new additions, along with maintaining it along the way!

I’d also make sure to pass by the forums, engage in discussions, create posts and engage on healthy debacles with our many members in our community!

And one last thing before we bring this to a close properly, remember that we are looking for writers! Anyone is welcome to help keep the torch in our midst alive thriving with content, doesn’t matter what you’re looking to write, articles, analysis, theories, reviews, etc, etc. Just contact anyone in the Staff and they’ll brief you through the detail! It’s all good fun, though, working on your own posts can prove to be quite exciting!

Until next time, however, see you all on February, 3rd!


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