We Have Lift Off – Archive Beacon – February 3rd, 2017

Light the Beacon.


Hello again! *crickets* Glad to see so many of you back! This Beacon we have a ton of new Halo news for you from our affiliates and from us as well! From us, the Staff team has decided on a new structure for the former Rater Leader system and how the Prefects are chosen and perform. Our affiliates, well theirs is the most fun of all. So let’s dive into the rabbit hole!

Main Section

Halo Wars 2 is almost here! Have you seen our contest to win a copy? A few members have already submitted their stories and so far so good! They’re really entertaining in all aspects! They will be shared in the next Beacon for you all to enjoy.

How did you all do on the Blitz Beta? Did you dominate every match? Destroy all of their weak, sniveling, worthless troops and vehicles? Or did you not do very well? Thankfully, Creative Assembly came up with a few tips and tricks to ease the pain away.


Well, if you haven’t read it yet, Grim came out with a new Canon Fodder this week too. Including new info on Halo Wars 2 and it’s Phoenix Logs, that are…logs, of info for lore aficionados. Like us!

Also included are several new helmets coming to Halo 5. A total of 9 helmets,, coming from Halo 3 and Reach. All look fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on all of them!

I’m going to end it for this, right here. Click the link above to get more juicy details that have come in the Canon Fodder!




Here is the run-down for the new Prefect Team structure and roles:

Each team will come up with any and all ideas they want to submit to the Staff team (CM’s, Admins, Metarchs and Mods). The Staff team will then decide on which projects the Archive needs at the time being. So don’t think we don’t plan on your idea if it is shot down the first time, keep it in a bank (aka thread). Each Prefect team should have threads started for the discussion of ideas, best to keep it at a monthly discussion so then it can be easier for storage when having to look back. Or if the idea is really something to keep fruitful then make it’s own thread, probably best for large and extreme projects.

Each Prefect member will in charge of any part in the project they are currently working in, as long as it isn’t taken already. The point is to find projects that will grow the Archive, but obtain the growth from it’s members who want the best for the Archive as well for them in this experience.

The Rate Leader position has been taken down for the Prefect Teams. But the title has not, it is now obtained via post count.

Any questions or comments on this change from the Rate Leaders to Prefect Teams, please PM any or all Staff.


Our recent Community Manager, JSA343 (Now, Cognitive Bias) and Anton (once a Metarch) have been promoted to their next rate, Administrator. Bringing our Admin count to 3, including Gob.

The Metarch rate has also changed its form.

Metarchs are senior and founding members who lurk and help when and where needed, or when called upon to serve. They’ve put in the hours and paid their dues, and we are forever indebted to them. True Legends.

Positions held by Mendicant Bias and Media Bias.




Check out the latest and greatest from our members and affiliates!


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Staff Comments



This was a sort of short but full one. :brother:

Hopefully the next will be more entertaining! This one, I admit, was a little rushed! We all had a bunch of RL stuff going on and trying to get this Prefect thing together along with the comfyness that HaruspexOfHell gave us when helping out with the past few Beacons. But I promise the next will be more filling.

Love, The Brother (we merged into one),

Adv Jones

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