Our Mission

Ensure quality discussion, that can grow into inspiring ideas.

A Brief History

The Installation’s primary purpose was to be a vast and expansive Archive of discussions and articles pertaining to a variety of subjects and topics within the universe known as Halo.

Originating from the ruminations of a small group of theorists post-Halo reach, The Archive was born. Over the years The Archive has seen many iterations, many theories, and many faces.

A new venture begins.

We will be expanding beyond the horizons of just Halo and jumping feet first into the other franchises our community loves. All ranging from sci-fi to fantasy, games to books, and everything else in between. But make no mistake, Halo will always be dear to us and we will continue to support it. Always.

Once hidden in shadows, now the sun’s rays touch our Installation. For that is where we abide.

Our Projects

Halo Sheet Music
Transposed sheet music from the entire Halo franchise from Mart Van Gorkom (@hurryingcandy

Composed Album
A full, free album of music put together by Mart Van Gorkom and Mike Rodio. For use in all your upcoming projects, videos, and podcasts.

Archive Podcast
Gob and Jones are joined by a guest to talk Halo and more. Available on Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud.


Communities we have done past projects or current affiliations in conjunction with.

If you enjoy the Archive and would like to help us out, we ask that you consider making a donation. We don’t want anyone to feel obligated, but it would be appreciated if you’d like to! Below you will find a link to our PayPal, where you may contribute as much, or as little as you’d like. As well as a link to our merchandise. From shirts to coffee mugs.


If you like this forum and want to help out, we always appreciate volunteers! You can volunteer your soul or your body, whichever — we’ll let you choose!

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