Cortana’s Weakness

In the reading journal of The Flood [x], I noted that the creature/plague of the same name works as horror on three levels: intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Silentium provides the first and The Flood provides the last, with the short story […]

Compendium:Unggoy (Grunts)

[Waypoint Bio] Unggoy Grunts Affiliation: Covenant Latin Species Name: Monachus frigus Homeworld: Balaho Technology level: Native Tier 6/Adopted Tier 2 Avg. Height Range: 4ft 6.5in–5ft 7in (138.4–167cm) Avg. Weight Range: 248.3–260.1lbs (112.6–118kg) Physiology Unggoy, nicknamed Grunts by humans, are squat, […]

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